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Zero Size Diet Plan | Size Zero Exercise and Best Diet Plan to attain Perfect shape

Zero Size Diet Plan | Size Zero Exercise and Best Diet Plan to attain Perfect shape

Every girl dreams of having a perfect figure. Maintaining so is not an easy task. Such girls should sacrifice their love towards the Junk Foods and calorie gaining foods. Then What about Zero Size Diet Plan? For Zero Figure, one should follow a strict diet plan along with allotting ample time for workouts. The girl who is lean can attain this figure faster as their Circumference is less when compared to fat girls. But, when it comes to the girls with more girth, there we see more time consumption. For Zero Size bodies, one should reduce the calorie intake and at the same time intense exercise is a must. Therefore, let us know the perfect measurements to attain a Zero Size Figure.

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Zero Size Measurements

To attain a zero figure, you must know the Size zero figure measurements first. The Bust Size must be around 31 inches, waist size is 23 inches, and Butt size of 32 inches. It is the ideal measurement that a girl with Zero Figure should have. So, start measuring your’s and follow these Exercise and Diet Plan to reduce inches gradually. Let us know the Diet Plan and Exercises for Zero Size one by one.

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Zero Size Diet Plan

Along with a comprehensive Diet Plan, a trainer with Experience is necessary to guide us to a perfect Zero Figure. As we know, both Diet and workouts play a significant role in body building. The Same formula applies here also. While building our body, we must consume foods like Meat and Eggs in a daily form. Along with that Proteinaceous food, a vigorous exercise is necessary. This type of Schedule will make a person Muscular. Avoiding such foods and following some Exercises makes us lean. That is the significant change in loosing and gaining weight. It is crucial to know what food makes you thin and also the one which makes you Stout. If we have an idea about that, then our work turn little Simple. Also, don’t worry about the Workouts to lose weight. We make you know about that too.

Daily Consumption of 400- 500 calories

Eating that many calories is acceptable. But after or before consuming that many calories, a working of about 2 hours or more are necessary. This process is important to burn double the calories than what we consume. Therefore, the specified way will help you to attain the required shapes you want. It is the main thing one should follow as a Tip in Zero Size Diet Plan

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Consume more and more liquids or fluids

Hydration is important for weight Loss. The people who are planning to gain weight can go for Protein Shakes. But the people who plan to become thin must consume water. Also, drink green tea twice a day i.e., in the morning and in the evening too. As we know, green tea will burn our belly fat also. Therefore, consume water in the time where you go for unhealthy Junk Foods. Zero Size Diet Plan include more amount of liquids than Solid foods.

Zero Size Exercise

Eat green vegetables

Eating green vegetables daily is good for health. Along with that, they will make you control the fat storage. These veggies are rich in Vitamins, proteins, and other essential nutrients. For lean bodies, working hard is necessary. Have Some broccoli in the morning as breakfast. Later, in the afternoon eat some cooked green leafy vegetables. It is a must to involve Green Veggies in Zero Size Diet Plan.

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Grains cereals and pulses

In zero size diet, Grains Cereals and Pulses are important. They provide us fewer calories and the essential nutrients in proper amounts. So, consuming oats or pulses daily in a limited quantity is required. Including all these stuff makes you feel hungry free and provide high amounts of energy. Cereals & Pulses are a part of Zero Size Diet Plan.

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Have Wheat recipes instead of rice

Both of these provide Fats and Carbs. But, having rice at night times may give you nothing but belly. Therefore, go for chapatti rather than rice items. We suggest you follow this because, after our supper, we have nothing to do. We just sleep or sit idle. Therefore, opting for Wheat items is better than o avoid unwanted fat. Including legumes, pulses, eggs and fishes in the diet plan. Opting for rice instead of Wheat is the major change over in Zero Size Diet Plan.

Avoid having Junk foods

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How to get zero size figure? Consuming oil foods is always a health hazard. That too, the younger generation is opting Junk food rather than fruits and veggies. As they are easily available and tasty, we prefer the Junk foods. But, at the time of following Zero Size Diet Plan, keep these junk foods at bay. It is the better option one can have to start a healthy lifestyle. Cook something healthy or try to make a habit of drinking lots of water. These Junk food not only put on weight, but also they take much time for digestion.

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 Low-fat dairy products:

Dairy Products are good for health. But, they may also have fats and cholesterol in some quantity. Opting for Butter Milk is better among all other milk products. Milk and Curd have more amounts of fat and cholesterol when compared to Buttermilk. A glass of Butter Milk is better than Milk for the girls who are above the age of 20. Follow these tips for effective Weight Loss. Including this to the Zero Size Diet Plan may give you mixed result sometimes.

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Soups are healthy and tasty

Those who give importance to taste, especially opting for Spicy foods may feel sad to avoid all those stuff. Their senses may call them to eat all those spicy and tasty roadside foods. In such cases, Soups make us satisfy with their Hot & Spicy flavor. Cabbage soup, tomato soup and many other healthy and delicious soups are available for us. They are yummy, and also fills our Tummy along with proper amounts of Nutrition. Therefore, go fo a bowl of Soup when you feel eating something spicy. Hence, include soups in your daily zero size diet plan.

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Salads and fresh fruits

Salads and Fruits will stop your hungry and provides us a lot of Nutrients. Before having lunch or dinner, have a cup of carrot, beetroot, cucumber and other veggies which we can consume in the raw form. When you are in the diet, there may be the lack of necessary nutrients. Therefore, consuming this fruits and veggies regularly will overcome that problem. Therefore, without cooking consume these vegetables and fruits in the direct form.

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 Keep a control over all the yummy foods

Is there anyone who don’t love Street Foods or Sweets. Self-control over all those street food, bakery items like sugary cakes and much more is not that easy. Yummy foods will never help us to become fit and even healthy. Therefore, never go wth such foods listening to your taste buds. As they just think of one-time happiness, but what about the rest of life? Also, avoid these yummy street foods to get what you want. Therefore, using such foods may gain the Zero Size for you.

These are the Food habits that we should follow regularly. The food habits may change the way you are and also the way we look. Along with this Diet Plan, try to do these exercises available below.

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Size Zero Diet Plan and Exercise

The people who want to attain a perfect shape should concentrate on the Food they eat and calories they burn. Those who strictly follow that diet have to undergo an Intense Exercise Plan also. Along with the Diet Plan Guidance, here we provide you the workouts list one should follow to obtain the required results. The following are the Exercises; we should regularly follow. The following are the ways of Workouts that help you to attain Zero Size.


  1. Running.
  2. Squats.
  3. Power Yoga.
  4. Pilates.
  5. Crunches.
  6. Arm Exercises.
  7. Cycling.
  8. Zumba.
  9. Hot Yoga.
  10. Walking.

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Running is for our entire body movement. Daily in the morning, have a long run for at least one hour. Calories burning is more while we run when compared to Exercise. Those who want to attain the perfect Measurement of Zero Figure, running is a must along with Zero Size Diet Plan. Plan the schedule in such a way that your day should start with Running. Plan the time in between 6:00 AM to 7:00 AM in the Mornings as that suits the weather too.



Squats are the Exercise that strengthens your Thighs. They may affect your Muscles in such a way that for the first few days, we may feel muscle cramps. But if we stop doing it regularly the pain may increase even more. Therefore, we should do them in a Systematic way. We cannot do all these Exercises in the same day. So, except running, allow workouts on each & every part of the body a specific day. By doing so, we can cover all the body parts in the process of slimming.

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Power Yoga:

One such exercise that you must add in your size zero exercise plan is Power Yoga. It is nothing but including the yoga poses which needs a lot of Power & Calories. Doing this regularly will help you lose the belly fat and also the additional fat stores in your body. There are many power yoga poses; the following are the most important among all.

  1. Wind-releasing Pose.
  2. Cobra Pose.
  3. Bow Pose.
  4. Side Stretch Pose.
  5. Warrior Pose.
  6. Extended Side Angle Pose.
  7. Eagle Pose.
  8. Pigeon Pose.
  9. Cow-face Pose.
  10. Seated Forward Bend.

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These are the Poses that will make you feel the variation in our body Flexibility. Therefore, along with the Zero Size Diet Plan do the Power yoga daily for half an hour.


Pilates is also a set of exercises that gives you the same use as that of Yoga. These are the one that works on our body and increases the flexibility and Muscle Strength. By using this Exercise, we can lose weight fastly. At that point of time, we should stop the process of our degeneration of our muscles.  So,  it is one of the best exercises to get zero figure in a very short period. Pilates will completely reduce the fat contents in our body.

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Crunches are another way to reduce our belly fat. It is not that easy to do them. The People with belly fat feel the difficulty in raising their heads. But, if we continue doing this Crunches daily, we may control the fat storing at our belly. By doing these for a month or two, if we stop them suddenly our tummy grow more than the inches it reduced. Therefore, if you start these exercises try to do them regularly at any cost.


Arm Exercise:

Zero figure is all about losing the unnecessary fat all over the body. Most of us concentrate on the belly and sometimes on Thighs. But, most of us neglect the Arm fat. Do you have any idea how stout you look with bulged arms? Yes, Arm plays a significant role in overall attire. After reducing thighs and belly, How awkward does it look to have heavy arms? It looks weird and ugly to have such unfit hands. So, follow some exercises like butterfly folds, Pushups, etc., to avoid that look.


Cycling is also one of the size zero exercises. The one who goes for Cycling daily will have no belly, thigh, and Arm fats. It happens so because Cycling burns our calories very easily and faster than any other exercises. Many people think that cycling may not reduce your abdomen and hands. But, the fact is that cycling is the best exercise for the entire body. Therefore, go for a  cycle ride in the evening for at least 3-4 Kms. This process will make you lose weight and help you to attain Zero Size.



In your size zero plan, add Zumba Dance as one exercise. It is another way to lose calories with lots of Entertainment. Doing Zumba daily helps you reduce overall fat in the body and gives you a perfect shape. These are going popular everywhere nowadays. The perfectly designed steps for an energetic Music will change your body shape along with Stress relieving. Therefore, Zumba dance helps you to loose weight faster and in a very joyous way.

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Hot Yoga:

Daily allot at least two hours for yoga practices. Fitness will love to opt for Hot yoga as the muscle stretching is more when we are in humid and hot regions. Therefore, execute the above power yoga and Surya Namaskar Combo and Ashtanga yoga in a wet and Hot room. A blend of Bikram yoga and power yoga will also give us better results. Keep the temperature of the room at 105 degrees F. Maintain room Humidity as 40%. Meditation is also a very necessary thing that can reduce stress. Therefore, doing yoga in a hot area is another form of Workout that works for attaining size zero figure.


The main thing that you must do for getting size zero figure is walking. Walking is the Exercise which gives us minimal variations in our body. It mainly controls the growth of the body weight.  Health benefits are more if we increase our daily step count. On an average, we walk at least 2000 to 3000 steps a day. But increasing the count will provide you lot many benefits. 10000 steps per day are the milestone which makes us even more healthy. But we cannot see the changeover faster. The fat reduction process is very slow. That’s why most of us think walking is useless and stops doing it.

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These are the Exercises we should do along with Zero Size Diet Plan. Therefore, using these Exercises and Diet Plan make you reach the goal, i.e., Zero Size Figure. There is no need of starvation. Go for the above foods which give you low calories. And instead of starving, do the Workout to burn the calories double the amount we consume. To do so, go for the workouts that burn calories in almost level. It includes Swimming, jogging, running, and Zumba. All these Exercises will make you loose weight faster and helps you to attain Zero Size. As we all know attaining the Measurement of a perfect Size Zero Figure is not that easy. But, making it part of our life and allotting time for the Workouts is necessary. Hope you all feel this stuff informative and useful. Try to follow them for better results.


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