Having a perfect body is a dream for every girl. But it is possible for few women. The main reason behind this is their weight. Some are overweighted, and some are underweighted. If you are underweighted, you should add some healthy food to your regular diet. You may have thought that weight loss for women is a major problem, but at the same time, Weight gaining is also an issue for skinny girls. There are various reasons for being thin or underweighted. Depending on the body type, exercises and foods may vary. So check out the list to get weight gain tips for women.

Weight Gain Tips for Women

Nowadays being too thin has become a fashion. But those women won’t look good compared to the women with a perfect weight. For example, if you have participated a fashion show you will get more confidence because of your perfect body. It is true that there are various reasons for confidence. One of the reasons for being trust is a perfect shape and health. Most of the women lost their credence due to their lean body. So be a part of the group having a healthy body with an exemplary shape.

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Have you ever thought that you are skinny or underweighted? Some girls are thin means whatever the food they eat, they won’t get weight. They always maintain slim body compared to other girls whereas some will have a low weight. There are different reasons for being underweight. The foods consuming may not give proper energy, calories they required. For those women, the BMI will be lower than 18.5 which is not healthy fact. Most of the girls want to gain weight so that they will get a perfect body. For those women, we have provided some tips for women to weight gain.

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How to Gain Weight for Women?

Are you still confused about weight gaining tips? Are you searching for “how to gain weight for women?” Whatever the tips or solutions you follow to make sure that you will plan a healthy diet to gain weight. There are various ways to increase weight for women. Women usually get weight compared to men. Regardless of the weight being healthy is important for every person. Maintaining a proper weight is also essential. Especially for girls, it is very important. Being too skinny or underweighted is not good for health as well as it doesn’t give the great appearance.

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Every girl wants to have a slim body. But being too slim won’t give a great look. A woman with perfect weight and health appears good than the others. Some women genuinely want to gain weight. For those women, we have provided some tips of weight gaining in a healthy way. As there are various fast and easy ways to gain weight you should choose the best way to gain weight naturally. So make a look at those Weight Gain Tips for Women and gain weight fastly.

Best Ways to Put on Weight for Girls

You may be waiting for a solution for a question “How can I get fat?” Here is the solution for your problem. When you are searching for weight gaining tips, you should take care of food you are making. There are various ways of getting fat. One of the ways is adding extra calories to your food. One more thing Don’t say “No” to your food.

Increase the calories to gain weight

How many extra calories are needed to gain weight? is the important question that should have in your mind. You should calculate the calories you are eating. For Example, if you have a capacity of eating a rice bowl then make it two. It may be hard for you for the first time. If you keep on practicing your capacity of food will increase gradually. The more you eat, the more you gain. This is the basic logic of fat people.

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Bananas are one of the best foods to gain weight. The rich amount of carbohydrates in the banana will help you to gain weight quickly. One Single banana contains approximately 105 calories of calories. If you want to number of calories, you can choose banana as food to gain weight. Banana also help in the digestion process. From this, you can understand it will give more hunger than the regular. So eat more gain more.

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Never Skip Breakfast

Skipping breakfast is one of the reasons to lose weight. In this busy life, you may don’t have time to eat breakfast. But if you want to put on the weight never skip the breakfast. Breakfast is the first food of the day.If you miss the first thing of your day, how can you be energetic for the whole day? So never skip your Add a whole Egg and glass juice to your breakfast.

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Oats as a Weight Gain Food

As you know, Oatmeal and Weight loss is a combination forever. But there is something you should notice about the oats. Oatmeal helps you gain weight also. Are you surprised? Continue the expression and know the facts regarding Oats. When you are in the process of Weight loss, you will avoid the sugary oats. This will help you in losing heavyweight. But here is the opposite situation. So it means you have to take the oats which contain healthy sugar levels. This will improve your weight according to top your preference.


Don’t Drink Water Before Meals

If you want to gain the weight, the first thing you have to do is you should not drink the water before meals. If you drink the water before meals, you may feel full. There may be a chance of losing appetite. If you want to drink the water, you can take before an hour or half an hour. Also, avoid water between bites. Apart from this, make a habit of drinking water on the whole day. Hydration is very important in every aspect.


Potatoes are one those foods which help in gaining weight. Potatoes high level of carbohydrates and carbs will help you increase the weight. It is better to have the potatoes along with the skin. The essential nutrients of the potatoes are a great contribute to the women who wish to gain the weight.

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Eggs are basic food for any diet. You can lose weight and gain weight by consuming eggs. The process and amount of consuming eggs will make a difference in gaining weight. To gain weight, you need to add the whole egg to your diet. To have a healthy diet, you need to have the minimum amount of vitamins. Egg contains rich amounts of Vitamins like A, E, and D along with the good cholesterol.



If you are trying to get fat, then butter is the best option. 100 grams of butter contains 81 grams of fat. Include two tablespoons of butter to your diet will make a huge difference in your weight. Consuming butter in a moderate form because it contains saturated fat. So make a good choice of Butter to gain weight.

Red Meat

Red Meat is one of the weight gain tips for women. Red Meat is one of the good supplements of weight gain. You can gain muscle with this red meat. The rich proteins of red meat and iron will give additional strength to your body. This is one of the best foods for weight gaining.


Chicken is a favorite food for all non-vegetarians. We like every recipe of chicken. If you want to put weight, you can add chicken to your plate. Chicken helps to build your muscles and bones. You can add this chicken to any salads, snacks. So eat tasty chicken and gain weight easily.

Don’t do Aerobics

Avoiding Aerobics is one the best Weight Gain Tips for Women. Some studies state that participating in aerobics will help in reducing weight. If you want to gain weight you should not include aerobics to your daily routine.


Whole Fat Milk

A tasty whole fat Milk will make your day. Whole Milk contains the minimum amount of proteins and the efficient amount of Fat which helps you gain weight quickly for women. If you don’t have that much time to concentrate on your diet, a glass of whole fat milk is a good choice of weight gaining. So include this milk in the list of weight gain tips for women.

These are simple weight gain tips for women. We hope these tips help you to put on weight easily. So add these tips to your list and get good results in weight gaining.


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