“First impression is the best impression.” Most of the people strive to get the best impression from their superiors or their colleagues as well. When you meet a new person, the first thing that you notice is the face. So, taking care of your face is a compulsion at some time. In this process, lips might trouble you with their dryness and cracks. When the shriveled lips bother you, you just turn off the dryness with the natural treatment for dry lips.

Natural treatment for dry lips

Treatment for dry lips
Treatment for dry lips

The common symptoms of the dry lips are redness, cracks, and soreness. These symptoms make your lips unattractive and might look very messy. When you find these signs on your lips, it is important that you start treating your lips. In this article, we provide you the chart of the proved remedies for dry lips. Before going to the list of treatment for dry lips, it is better to know the root causes of dryness.

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Origin of dry lips

There are a lot of sources of the dryness in the lips. As early as you know the reasons for dryness of lips, you can take the preventions so as you get the soft and smooth lips. Look at the list of the dry lips causes.

  • Licking the lips more frequently.
  • Exposure to the sun.
  • Use of cosmetic products.
  • Breathing through the mouth.
  • Usage of the toothpaste with Sodium Lauryl Sulfate.
  • Smoking.
  • Dehydration.
  • Health issues like thyroid, psoriasis, diabetes.
  • Lack of proper care for lips.

How to cure dry lips?

The most common problem when winter season hits the year is skin dryness. Throughout your body, you can cover the skin with some clothing. But the facial organ lips does not have any protection. You might use lip balms, and many cosmetic products to protect your lips. They may also be a reason for the lips cracking. So, do not always go for artificial protection and cures. Try the below-listed natural and handy home remedies for chapped lips.

Natural lip moisturizers

Dryness in lips
How to reduce dryness in lips?

The skin on the lips is thinner and delicate when compared with other parts of the body. It contains the molecules that get the moisture from the air into the skin. During the dry conditions, the moisture in the air evaporates. So, there is no source for the skin molecules to get moisture for the lips leaving the skin dry. By this, it is clear that lips are to be frequently moisturized as a medicine for cracked lips. The best natural lip moisturizers for are below.

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  • Coconut oil.
  • Honey.
  • Milk cream.
  • Glycerin.
  • Mango butter.

Coconut oil treatment for dry lips

Coconut is the most used lip moisturizer from the ancient times. It has its individual properties that have attracted the people to take advantage of it. It contains the Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCFs). The MCFs are readily soluble in the skin. As it is readily dissolvable in the skin, it provides moisture from the inside of the skin. So, coconut can treat the dryness in lips and gives you back the soft and beautiful lips.

How coconut treats dry lips
How coconut treats dry lips?
  • Apply the coconut oil on the lips frequently to keep your lips moist.
  • An easier way of implementing this is during nights.
  • Before going to sleep, massage your lips gently with coconut oil and have a sweet sleep.

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Honey has the anti-bacterial and moisturizing properties. You can apply the only honey to your mouth, or you can mix with lemon juice or glycerine. It cures the dry lips and also reduces the darkness of lips that is due to exposure to the sun.

  • Apply pure honey to the lips for any number of times in a day.
  • You can also use the honey and glycerine mixture on the cracked lips to get softer lips.

Milk cream

The milk cream is a storage of excess fat. The fat helps the cream to moisturize the lips. It heals the dry lips and also removes the dead cells from the mouth.

Home remedies for chapped lips
Milk cream treatment for cracked lips
  • Apply the milk cream for cracked lips and let it rest for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Clean the lips with a cotton ball dipped in lukewarm water.
  • Do this daily for better results.


Glycerine raises the moisture in the skin by locking the moisture in inner layers of the skin. In this way, it reduces the dryness in the lips. It repairs the damaged tissues and gives the results faster.

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  • Before going to bed, apply few drops of glycerine to your lips.
  • Wash your lips in the morning and enjoy the soft lips.

Mango Butter

The Mango butter is rich in fatty acids. It has the hydrophilic and hydrophobic characteristics which mean the one end of the chain attracts water and the other end repels. This way the moisture is locked in the skin and it makes the skin soft.

Remedies for cracked lips
Mango butter remedies for dry lips
  • Take some mango butter and apply it on the lips.
  • Leave it to dry for some time.
  • Wash off the lips with water.
  • Repeat the process regularly for best results.

Sugar scrub for your lips

The sugar scrub makes the best home remedies for dry lips. Scrubbing helps to remove the dead cells from the dry lips. For scrubbing, you do not need any stone or something. Just have a scrub with the ingredient from the kitchen and use it as a treatment for dry lips.

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Dry lips home remedies
Natural scrub for dry lips
  • Mix sugar and honey in the ratio of 2:1.
  • Apply this mixture on the lips.
  • Let it sit for 5miutes on the skin.
  • Now, gently rub the mixture with the fingertips to loosen the dead cells.
  • Wash off the lips with water.

Green tea for cracked lips

Everyone knows the benefits of green tea for health. But you may not be aware of its incredible magic towards chapped lips. It is the best treatment for dry lips. Treatment with green tea is an oldest lip care home remedies. The tannins present in the green tea relieves the burning sensation of the cracks in the lips. It also increases the moisture levels in the skin. When you drink, the warm water in the green tea makes you feel good on the parched lips.

  • Take one bag of green tea from hot water.
  • Press the tea bag on your lips for 4 to 5 minutes.
  • Do this daily for getting your soft lips back.

Get soft lips with aloe vera

Whatever the search you make for home remedies, the most common treatment you see is aloe vera. It is the nature’s gift to humankind. Aloe vera can also treat the severely chapped lips. It also provides moisture for the lips and protects the outer layer of the lips. The anti-inflammatory properties of aloe vera heal the cracks in the lips by soothing the dry lips.

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Natural treatment for cracked lips
How aloe vera treats dry lips?
  • Take out the aloe vera gel with a spoon.
  • Now, apply some gel on the chapped lips and leave it to dry.
  • Wash it off with water.
  • Repeat the treatment to get the best results.

Lemon home remedy for chapped lips

Lemon is an excellent nourishment for cracked lips. It nourishes the cracks and provides the soft, smooth lips. Lemon stops the aging of the skin and makes your lips look young. Try this home remedy as one of the dry lips remedies.

  • Add one spoon of milk or cream, three spoons of lemon juice in a bowl and mix them to form a solution.
  • Store the solution in the refrigerator for an hour.
  • Take it out and before going to bed, apply this solution on the lips and also around your mouth.
  • Do this process for three days, and you’ll get the best results.

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Cucumber treatment for dry lips

One more simple and handy dry lips remedy at home is with cucumber. Cucumber is rich in water content. It helps the dry lips to get moisture naturally. As the main reason for dryness is the lack of water content or lack of moisture, cucumber is one of the best remedies for chapped lips.

treatment for dry lips
How to treat dry lips with cucumber
  • Take one cucumber slice or the paste of the cucumber slice.
  • Gently rub the slice on the lips. See that every inch of the mouth is covered with the cucumber paste.
  • Let it dry for about 15 to 20 minutes and wash it with water.
  • Do this as many times as possible in a day. You’ll get your soft and smooth lips again.

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Avoid dehydration with water

“Pure water is the world’s first and foremost medicine.” You can treat any ill health with water. Human’s body is 70 percent water, and the blood is 90 percent water. Water is essential for the body functions like digestive system, blood pumping, skin protection, etc. So, when required quantity of water is not provided for the body, the system starts malfunctioning. From the above, you might understand the necessity of drinking water a lot. If you drink water, you can treat your dry lips faster.

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Best solution for dry lips
Best medicine for dry lips

Treatment for dry lips with water

  • Drink a glass of water when you wake up in the morning.
  • Have at least six glasses of water per day which is a minimum quantity.
  • Before going to have lunch or dinner, drink one or two glasses of water.
  • What all the above steps explain is everything is cured with water.
  • So, drink lots of water, keep your skin hydrated, have beautiful soft lips.

What are the basic tips to take care of my lips regularly?

  • Keep moisturizing your lips regularly with natural products. Avoid chemical balms.
  • Scrubbing with natural products is necessary to remove the dead cells and have clean skin on your lips.
  • Stop smoking or chewing tobacco.
  • Protect your lips while playing sports by wearing a mouthguard.
  • Take the proper diet and get required minerals and proteins for the body.
  • Stop licking your lips more frequently.
  • Apply sunscreen for your lips when going into the sun.
  • Check for the presence of Sodium Lauryl Sulfate in your toothpaste. If it is present then immediately change it to protect your sensitive lips.
  • Avoid sleeping or breathing with your mouth open.

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Chapping of lips is a common problem, but it might also be a health issue too. When your chapped lips are not cured with the above remedies for a long time, then there might be a chance of some health problem. So, it is better to consult a medical professional to know the health status of your lips. Based on the medical assistance, you need to have treatment for dry lips and have beautiful and dazzling lips. KEEP SMILING…! Because Life is a Beautiful Thing and There is So Much to Smile About.


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