Do you know that one supernatural organ which controls our entire body? It is undoubtedly our Brain. Not even a single other Living beings have such a Master class organ. But what if there is a competition for this Brilliant Machine in our body itself? We don’t think the answer is out of the box. We are just talking about the unstoppable and hyper-reactive Taste Buds. The brain can control all the voluntary and involuntary actions. When we see the food we love, our Taste Buds start releasing Saliva and say that they want that. In such cases, our brain tries to calm down by saying that it’s not healthy. But, they won’t listen to all these stuff. Food has that much power dominating the brain. So, let us learn the Top Ten Superfoods that are healthy as well as tasty too. Try to follow them for internal & External health.

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What are the Superfoods

Top 10 Super Foods which we provide here may or may not be available all over the world. Every country has a separate type of health issue, Skin problem, and even the climatic conditions too. Therefore, it is better to choose the foods that suit their Climatic Conditions. For example, In Winters go with the foods that produce some heat in their bodies. The Temperature outside demands that while in summer we should eat the opposite one. So, keeping all this in mind, we provide you the Superfoods for Hot Climatic Conditions and Superfoods for Cold Climatic Condition. So, make use of these Food items in your Diet Plan so that you can stay healthy, beautiful and even Fit too.

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Top Ten Superfoods

There are these many healthy Foods around us. How to choose the best foods that come under the superfoods list? Don’t worry we are here to assist you in this task. But, the women who want to be Slim must consume one type of Foods while Foods for hair will change. Therefore, let us now discuss the superfoods that can help us to attain all these health benefits. Firstly, let us have a glance at the foods list for the Hot Climatic Areas like India.

The following are the foods that come under the Top Ten Superfoods list. Therefore, let us check the list of these fruits & veggies and all other natural ways.

Top 10 Superfoods for Summer:

Summers are the times where our body requires more and more amounts of water contents. So, the Fruits and Veggies that contains large quantities of water are mostly preferred. Also, the foods that cool our body are necessary for the maintenance of our body heat in summer. The Foods that chill out our body is:

  1. Water Melon.
  2. Honeydew Melon.
  3. Basil Seeds.
  4. Cucumbers.
  5. Mint Leaves.
  6. Fennel Seeds.
  7. Coconut Water.
  8. Sesame.
  9. Radish.
  10. Pomegranate.

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Water Melon:

Water Melons are water-rich fruit. This Melon will reduce the body heat and control the heat production too. Consuming it in summer will also reduce our thirst. Also, this is a seasonal fruit, and we can get them only one in a year. Therefore, this is one of the Top Ten Superfoods. It has 11 % Vitamin A and 13 % Vitamin C which are good for our Skin. Eating Water-rich foods is better as they do not possess any Cholesterol.

Honeydew Melon:

In summers, Including this fruit in our diet will make our body sustain the heat outside the roof. We can take this fruit in the form of Juice or can directly eat them by peeling off the fruit. Honeydew Melon is also a watery fruit and has zero Cholesterol. For every 100 gms of this melon, it has high levels of Vitamin C, i.e., 30%. Also, it is a fruit with a good amount of Fiber that helps us in fast digestion. Consume this fruit in any of your favorite forms. One of the Top 10 Superfoods in Summer lists includes this Melon too.

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Basil Seeds:

Basil Seeds are the one that can reduce all types of problems in our body. These seeds will control the heat levels in our body.  Add some Basil Seeds in water along with some sugar and leave them for at least 4 or 5 hours. Later, drink that water along with the seeds. Drinking this water daily will avoid boils on the Skin and also mouth ulcers in Summer. Basil Seeds are rich in Vitamin A contents. It has 105% of this vitamin and Zero Cholesterol. Therefore, use this regularly in Summer.

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Cucumbers are also a Water-rich food. It will hydrate our body and reduce our thirst in the same way as that of Water Melon. Along with this, the cucumber can also reduce the tan lines around the eyes. So, it is a very useful veggie that can make us feel satisfied. It is a Potassium-rich Food. It is an Antioxidant rich food. So, it will remove all the dead cells on the skin and avoid aging effects. All these Superfoods are cholesterol free. Therefore, you can use this as a salad before your meal or when you feel hungry.

Mint Leaves:

Mint leaves are the one that provides natural cooling if we use them in our cosmetics. It has the property that cools down the surroundings. So, we can use this leaves by adding them to the Water in our hot green tea. Else, we can add the water container with some Mint Leaves. Drink that water for the entire day. Also, to lower our body temperature we can drink Mint Leaves Juice. It consists of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Iron, Calcium, and Magnesium in higher amounts. Therefore, better use them as you like but don’t forget them in Summers. It is also a member of Top Ten Superfoods in Summer.

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Fennel Seeds:

We use these fennel seeds after a huge Dine or even when we consume a lot of food. That means it has a better capacity of digesting the food. The Ingredient which can digest the food faster has another common property, i.e., it can also control the body temperature. The Advantages of  Fennel seeds is that it can control the heat in our body and keeps our belly cool. These seeds are also a Potassium-rich food. Also, it is a member of Top Ten Superfoods in Summer.


Coconut Water:

Most of the People think of having coconut water whenever they feel that hot sensation in the form of Mouth Ulcers or boils on the Skin. Daily, consume at least one liter of Coconut Water. This process will down the level of heat in our body in the form of Urination. So, drinking coconut water is the best way to keep the heat at bay. It is rich in Sodium and Potassium. Therefore, better include this Coconut water in your diet plan in Summers.

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In summer using this Sesame seeds as an Ingredient in Eatable will help us a lot. It help us correctly and serves the purpose which we are talking about from the start. We can drink some water along with these seeds or even consume this Seeds along with Jaggery. Sesame seeds are rich in Calcium. Women, those who have Joint Pains or calcium deficiency can drink them daily. Therefore, it also comes with Top Ten Superfoods.


We don’t prefer this veggie in our diet plan regularly. But including Radish in our Diet at least during Summers is excellent for health. It will also reduce the Body heat levels. This Veggie also comes under potassium-rich foods. We can consume this in our meals. Its anti-inflammation property makes it attractive to avoid all types of infection and boils. Therefore, make a Diet Chart that involves Radish at any cost and in high amounts.



Pomegranate is the the one and only fruit that reduces our body temperature and increases the hemoglobin levels. So, eating this regularly will provide you with fiber too. We can also go with Pomegranate Juice which is also a better option. We can lower the body temperature naturally using this Juice. Therefore, have a Pomegranate in your Diet Plan in summers to avoid overheating of your body. If we notice all these Fruits, seeds, and Veggies, we may observe one common thing that these all are Potassium-rich Foods. Therefore, we suggest having these type of foods in Summer.

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Top Ten Superfoods for Winters:

That Late Dawns and Chilled Breathe will make everyone to search for the warmth of a Fire and hot coffees all around. Not only wearing Sweaters and Cardigans, but we should also think about the foods we eat. The Foods will also make a lot of variation in our body and build some resistance to that cold. Therefore, go ahead and learn all the Food items and all other ingredients. The following are the foods that we should consume in Winters. These are the Top Ten Superfoods in Winter

  1. Ginger.
  2. Coconut Oil.
  3. Honey.
  4. Turmeric.
  5. Mustard Seeds.
  6. Jaggery.
  7. Eggs.
  8. Oatmeal.
  9. Spices.
  10. Nuts.



The Winter Top Ten Superfoods list starts with Ginger. Ginger gets occupied with Gingerol and Shogaol. These two ingredients make the Ginger spicy and thermogenic. The pungent compounds of gingerol and shogaol will make it work as a Home Remedy for many problems. Many of us use this as a reliever of a headache, cold, and also for digestion issues. But very few people know that these knobbly roots from the nature make you feel the warmth on a chilly winter day. Everyone know that we can add ginger to our regular tea. It will reduce our problems like cold, Headache, and many other internal problems.

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Coconut oil:

Coconut oil is the Natural Skin Moisturizer which can make your skin-dampening.  Also, using this coconut oil in our recipes will produce the necessary warmth in our body. Also, we can massage our body with this coconut oil. Why should we miss this natural moisturizer? So, using the Coconut oil internally and externally will make you resist the winter diseases. Let us use this oil while going out and make our skin healthy and dryness free. It is also a Top Ten SuperFoods member.



Honey is the one magical ingredient that makes our skin and body nourish. Consuming honey will also help you to attain the temperature that one should need to sustain the Cold outside. Some people feel the Cold Sensation faster than others.  It is because of the body temperature that they have. Such people can go with this ingredient. A spoon of Honey in the mornings is good for health. We can also make use of this in Green Tea or also in the form of Lemon & Honey Water. So, honey stands as a beauty enhancing Ingredient.

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Turmeric is another Natural Way to avoid all the Winter Diseases. Whenever something outrageous things happen in our Body, we usually listen to the word Milk with Turmeric. Drinking so will avoid the further complications of the problems like Cold or Body Pains. Naturally, Turmeric is an antibiotic and acts as a medicine. Turmeric will clear off all the skin problem and also the internal issues. Therefore, same as that of the above ingredient, we can use Turmeric in both Internal and External ways.

Mustard Seeds:

Mustard seeds are another way to increase our body temperature. We use these seeds in pickles and also in our Curries. By doing so, our body try to improve the temperature levels. These Mustard Seeds produce heat. Therefore, using this in Winter is the best way while consuming them in summer may affect us adversely. Therefore, be careful and use them more in winter and Less in summers. This Seeds will make you feel the variation in the Body temperature. Top Ten Superfoods list include the Mustard Seeds also.

mustard seeds


Jaggery is a Sugarcane abstract. Many of us love to eat Jaggery as its taste made us fell for it. Along with the taste, it provides a lot many health benefits. Jaggery has iron contents in proper quantity. Therefore, those who involve eating Jaggery daily in their life can attain excellent benefits. Also, it acts as a Cough reliever when we consume it with Ginger. But, not about the taste of it, Jaggery is more helpful in supporting our health too. Therefore, use this ingredient in all the necessary recipes in your kitchen.

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Eggs are another ingredient that one should consume daily in the winters. Eggs will provide us high protein contents and an excellent source of essential fats. This fat will also help you out in winters to avoid the Cold Temperature. Eggs are easily available for us in winters, and we also can store it for longer periods. But in summer, it’s not the case. It is better to eat more eggs or at least one egg a day. Therefore, involve this Nutrition-rich food for proper benefits. Eggs are the most wanted Top Ten Superfoods of winter.


Oats are the healthiest food one can have in their day. Not only Oats, but all the whole grains also play a vital role in giving us a kick start for our day. Eat a bowl of oatmeal regularly and avoid unnecessary fats and develop essential fats. These fats will help you avoid cool breezes effect on your body. That is the reason why Top Ten Superfoods need Oatmeal to occupy a place. Therefore, start using this in your diet plan for better results.


Cinnamon and all other Spices will help us to gain some heat in our body. Those who feel hesitated to eat these spices directly can make use of them in the form of Soup or any other Recipes. Some People have the habit of Chewing Cinnamon and Cloves directly. Consuming like that is a better option. But, those who can’t do it in that way can go for some other ways.



Nuts are also an another way of obtaining Essential fats. It will form a layer under the skin that protect us from winter breezes. These Dry Fruits and Nuts will also nourish our hair, Skin, and also our body. Therefore, go with this nuts and avoid all the issues and diseases that we face in Winter Season. Therefore, Nuts also come under Top Ten Superfoods list.

Therefore, use this Best Superfoods to avoid the seasonal effects and also the Diseases we face. Hope you get the Answer to the Question What are the best Superfoods or Popular Superfoods that one should eat daily. These Superfoods will help us to prevent the Seasonal Problems and gives us Nourishment too. Diet Plan should involve all these foods to fight all the climatic conditions.


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