If you look someone with messy hair, they may have a careless attitude. Most of us have this opinion on the people who badly dress their hair. See, how important is your hair while making an impression. Even in the interviews, Hair Dressing is also a major part. But, what if our beautiful shiny Black hair turn white when you are still young? This problem will increase your stress level. The reason behind the hair whitening is due to improper Nourishment for hair or stress. Therefore, reduce White hair permanently using these Home remedies. This Premature graying of the hair starts in early 20’s or even before that. Premature White Hair multiplies faster if you don’t take care of your hair in early stages.

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Due to the climatic conditions, each and every country has a unique hair color. As we observe, American have red hair which will quickly turn into gray. But the eastern country people have a Shiny, black hair. The logic is simple and easy to understand. The Melanin contents in our body are the main reason behind our skin, hair color. When it comes to hair Whitening, we cannot say that it is due to Melanin Deficiency. Graying or whitening of hair takes place only when that particular hair follicle stops the production of melanin. At this condition, our hair undergoes pigmentation. The natural whitening of hair should start at the Age of 50. But, nowadays this process is happening so early. Most of the people in 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s are also experiencing this. So, check the remedies and natural ways to avoid Pigmentation.

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How to reduce White hair?

As we know that once we find a Premature white hair in our head, the count will multiply. At that time, we don’t even have any idea about what to do to control the white hair. Don’t worry; there are many natural ways which will make your hair black all over again. To learn the tips regarding White hair home remedies, just read the complete article. Preventing white hair is not such an easy task. But, there are few natural ways which enable the hair follicles to start the Melanin Production again. So, following some lifestyle changes along with this natural remedies will help you in permanent White hair removal. Therefore, reduce white hair naturally using the below ingredients.

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Along with all these natural ways, there are some White Hair Treatments. Most of the times, these treatments of white hair may give us side effects like hair fall, low hair growth, etc.. Therefore, White hair remedies at home are better if we identify this problem in the starting stages. So, stop thinking of white hair problems like how to cover the white hair? How to remove them? etc., Because, the Home remedies will reduce white hair. Therefore, try the following tips and avoid the White Hair Multiplication in the starting Stage itself.

Home remedies to get rid of White hair

There are lot many ingredients which will turn our white hair into Black. For that change, one should patiently apply all those necessary elements in a way that guide you to your destination. Here are some Components which will make the gray hair into shiny black color without any side effects. The following are the list of Home remedies that reduce white hair on our head.

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  1. Bringraj Leaves.
  2. Indian Gooseberry.
  3. Black Tea.
  4. Ribbed Gourd and Coconut Oil.
  5. Curry Leaves.
  6. Amaranth.

Bhringraj Leaves to reduce the white hair naturally

Bhringraj is an Ayurvedic herb and is the best answer to how to reduce white hair. Also, we can use these leaves to grow our hair healthily. The properties like hot, bitter, sharp, dry taste of these leaves are the reason behind many benefits. Some Ayurvedic hair oils incorporate Bhringraj as an ingredient because these leaves have many medicinal values. These values make our hair more robust and healthy. It can reduce white hair. Let us know how to make us of it for better results.

bringraj leaves iamges

  • Take some Bhringraj Leaves or Powder according to your convenience.
  • Take a vessel and add some Coconut oil in it.
  • Add some Bhringraj leaves or powder into the boiling oil.
  • After few minutes add some fenugreek seeds into the oil.
  • Cool, this oil for half an hour.
  • Later, Strain the oil and store this oil for future use in a glass bottle.

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Apply this oil daily and massage the scalp for at least 5 minutes. By doing so, we can avoid the hair turning to White. Also, this oil makes yr gray hair into black. Therefore, take advantage of this natural ingredient which makes our hair healthy and reduce white hair.

Indian Gooseberry to turn white hair into black permanently

We call Indian Gooseberry as Amla. These Gooseberries are good for hair. We can eat them directly or dry them off and make some powder. Using this in Hair packs and Oils will help you to obtain black and shiny hair. Hair Pigmentation is possible only with components like Amla. This ingredient enriches our hair and avoids Color lose of hair. Along with enriching, it strengthens the roots of the hair and improves the hair gloss. Hair grows faster if we apply the Amla paste one in a week. This fruit is popular for its carotene contents. Because of this content, the chances of hair loss reduces. Iron and  Antioxidant contents will protect our hair follicles from the free radicals attack. Therefore, let us know the process using which we can reduce white hair.

Indian Gooseberry Image

  • Take a large no of Green Amla.
  • Grate these Gooseberries using a grating tool.
  • To extract the juice out of it by squeezing the Grated paste.
  • After squeezing this juice, filter it using a cloth.
  • Take an Iron vessel, and add 500 gms of Amla Juice in it.
  • Along with that add 500 gms of sesame oil.
  • It requires low flame for 15 minutes to vaporize all the water content in the vessel.
  • After the water completely evaporates, turn the flame off.
  • When it cools off, filter the mixture and store the oil for future use.
  • We can use this as a massager to our scalp and reduce the growth of white hair.

We can prepare this Amla oil even by using dried Amla. Also, by eating Alma Powder regularly, one can attain a fair skin without much strain. Therefore, involve amla in your routine and reduce White Hair Problems.

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How to turn white hair into black permanently with Black Tea?

Black tea is a Magical Ingredient which makes our hair Black. It is also an antioxidant rich food. So, Black tea refill the lost hair using these antioxidants and reduces the white hair growth. This process will also darken the hair color and add shine to it. These antioxidants insist the hair follicle in producing the melanin which makes our hair Black again. Black tea is a type of tea which has more Antioxidants than other teas. It has intense flavor than any other teas. All the four types are made from leaves of the shrub Camellia sinensis. This Black tea will help us to reduce white hair. It has high amounts of Caffeine than that of Coffee. This Caffeine will block the DHT which is responsible for loose hair. Let us know how to use this Black tea in White hair removal.

Black tea image

  • Just like green tea, Add 2 or 3 tea bags to 3 cups of boiled water.
  • Let it steep like that for overnight or few hours.
  • After few hours, apply that water on your scalp and also on complete hair.
  • Stay like that for 20-30 Minutes and rinse it off later.
  • It is so simple yet helpful tip for hair growth as well as darkens your hair.

Therefore, using this information, try to use this Black Tea for Hair Growth and also to avoid Pigmentation of hair. Better follow the above process and turn your gray hair to Black once again. Hence, use this Black tea and reduce white hair

Ribbed Gourd and Coconut oil  to reduce white hair

Many of us don’t know that Ribbed Gourd or Angular Gourd is a good cure for increasing Premature White hair. Ribbed gourd with coconut oil is a perfect combo to avoid the multiplication of Premature White hair. It also helps us in controlling the premature graying of hair. Not only applying this combination is good for hair but also consuming it in your regular diet is helpful. It contains good content of cellulose, and its water-rich quality helps us to relieve from constipation which automatically heals the piles’ problem. Insulin-like Peptides and Alkaloids within this vegetable helps us to diminish the sugar levels in both urine and Blood. Therefore, let us know how to use it externally for hair. The following process will help you know the best way to reduce white hair naturally.

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Ribbed gourd image

  • Take 2-3 Ribbed gourds. Take two if they are long, three if short.
  • Cut the Angular Gourds into pieces and dry them until the pieces turn dry.
  • After the drying process, soak the dried pieces in the Coconut oil for two to three days.
  • Then start boiling the oil until the pieces turn into a black residue.
  • Use this oil as a Massager for Scalp. By doing so, our hair can regenerate the lost pigments once again.

We usually use this in our food. But, after knowing this, you all can use this even more efficiently. Therefore, keep in mind that ribbed gourd will reduce white hair.

How to make white hair black again naturally with Curry Leaves?

Curry Leaves are one such ingredient which we can use as a hair tonic, hair mask, and also include it in our diet. We can use these Curry leaves daily in the form of food as it is a great stimulant for hair growth. Not only in the form of topical application but we can also consume it in the form of your diet. We have an idea that these leaves are a rich source of various nutrients. Among these many nutrients Vitamin A, Vitamin C, iron is mainly required for hair growth. As these leaves give us lot many Vitamins and Minerals, we can consume it every day. It is easily available and even tastes good.

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Therefore, Instead of throwing the curry leaves away in your Recipes, try to eat them. Those who cannot eat those leaves can apply them on hair either in the form of oil or Paste. Know how curry leaves reduce white hair.

  • First of all, Collect some fresh curry leaves and wash them properly with care.
  • Later dry the leaves until not warmth is present.
  • Using Mortar and pestle, mash the leaves into a fine paste.
  • After making it a fine paste, keeping it in a cloth squeeze the paste and extract the juice.
  • Using a Vessel boil the coconut oil and add this curry leaves juice to it. Mix the oil Frequently until fumes starts to come out of it.
  • When the color of the mixture slowly turns into dark color from green, switch off the flame.
  • Let the mixture undisturbed for an hour.
  • After it cools down, filter the oil into a small container.

Whenever need a warm Curry Leaves oil massage, take few tablespoons of oil and make it warm. And, slowly start rubbing on your scalp. Repeat this every time before you go for shampoo on your hair. Therefore, by following this one can easily reduce white hair.

Amaranth – A natural way to reduce white hair

Amaranth is easily available all over the India. We can make juice out of Amaranth Leaves just like all other leaves. We can consume this leaves not only for the bodily benefits, but it also provides good texture for Skin and Body. By applying this juice on your hair, it repairs the problems of hair fall and makes our hair smoother. Along with this, Amaranth leaves will also treat the issues of gray hair. There are lot many issues of hair and still new problems are arising. To avoid rough hair, we can apply the Amaranth leaves juice as a conditioner after shampooing. Later on, rinse off the hair. Doing so, we can avoid brittleness of hair and get smooth and shiny hair. A rare Amino acids group is present in these plants. Lysine is that Amino acid group which our body cannot produce normally.

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Amaranth Leave Juice image

This Amino Acids will increase the efficiency of calcium intake. Because of this Amino acids, our hair stands strong on our head right from the follicles. Therefore, these process reduces the hair fall and prevent baldness in males and Thin hair in females.

  • Collect a bunch of Amaranth Leaves and wash them thoroughly.
  • Grind them in Mixer and get that paste into cloth.
  • Squeeze the Juice of these Leaves in a Small Bowl.
  • Apply this Juice to the scalp and Massage all over the head for at least 15 Minutes.
  • We can also apply the paste of it just like a hair mask.
  • After staying with that for an hour, wash it out with Shampoo.
  • You can observe the variation of your hair if you do this process twice or thrice a week.

These Leaves are most valuable for the people who are suffering from the problem of Premature white hair. Therefore, reduce white hair problem by using the above process if the leaves are available.

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Some other ingredients:

  • Hibiscus Flowers.
  • Sesame and Carrot.
  • Alfalfa, carrot, and Lettuce.
  • Lemon Juice and almond oil.
  • Henna.
  • Rosemary and Sage.
  • Onion Juice.
  • Ginger.
  • Black Strap Molasses.
  • Coconut Oil and Lemon Juice.

More Tips for White Hair Removal:

  • Regular Cleansing of Hair is necessary along with Natural Conditioning Masks.
  • Do not comb your hair when the Hair is wet. It allows the hair to become weak and also cause gray hair.
  • Go for cool water bath instead of hot water as the hot water may make your hair brittle.
  • Having a shower after a Pool bath in Chlorinated water is compulsory.
  • Staying stress-free is also a very necessary thing which can avoid white hair.
  • Neem oil and Aloe vera gel work for getting natural black hair.
  • Avoid hair product or Conditioners regularly as they damage your hair causing White hair in a  long term.
  • Covering off your hair while going out will protect the hair from pollution. Therefore, use Helmet, hats or Scarfs.
  • Avoid Smoking which increases the DHT levels as these are one of the reasons behind White hair generation.
  • Avoid oily foods and go for the foods that help us in hair growth.
  • A proper Diet Plan with Complete Nutritions is necessary to avoid hair fall and Pigmentation.

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The root cause of all the Hair problems is Malnutrition and improper care. For every problem, the solution stays so simple yet complicated. The simple thing is we can take care of the hair by regularly massaging and shampooing. The Complicated thing is that sometimes we may know the problem very lately. At that time we cannot do anything except consulting a dermatologist and go for medication. Therefore, according to the situation go for these remedies or for a Skin specialist and undergo Proper Treatment. But all these natural treatments can reduce white hair. Hope this information is useful for all the people how are suffering from Premature White hair.


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