The Best Foundation you can wear on your face is glowing Healthy Skin. Beautiful Skin requires Commitment, not Miracles. But, how can we attain such a flawless and oil free Skin? Those who suffer from the oily Skin will always face the problem of pimples. Therefore, go with the Oily Skin Remedies to avoid acne. Because of the Excess oil Contents on the face, all this nonsense happens on our face. Not only Pimples but also there is a chance of Whiteheads and Blackheads development. So, we have to avoid those problems by avoiding Excess oil on our face. This Excess oil starts releasing from the age of Puberty.

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During this stage, the oils levels increase due to the increase in androgen levels, a male hormone. It is present in both men and Women. This hormone signal the oil glands of the skin to mature. At that specific time, our body begins to produce much more sebum. The unavoidable part of our adolescence is oily Skin. It is ok if the situation stops after adolescence. But what if this situation continues? There come the issue and the problems of Pimples, Acne and much more. Therefore, know the Home Remedies for Oily Skin and avoid Pimples too.

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Oily Skin Remedies

During Summers, we try to avoid the oily skin. But it’s impossible to avoid oily Skin because along with the Sweat the amount of oil deposit also increases. So, it is better to try some Home remedies and prevent the oil contents on Face. It is very hard to deal, but want to try something to stop this oily face. Some factors like diet, stress, Hereditary, and hormonal imbalance are the main causes for oily skin. It happens in Women when they are pregnants. Also, before Menstruation or menopause, one can have the chance of over oil production. Oily Skin Remedies will help you in such cases.

Oily skin is frustrating all the time. And, if Excess oil accumulates along with Sweat it turns as a cause of Pimples. Acne, one of the biggest problem of Teenagers, is due to the Sebum. The Food we consume also play a major part in getting Pimple. But, the Oily Skinned people are more prone to the Pimples. The Food we eat creates oil balance in your body and controls the hormones too. But in Winters, oily Skin makes you love your skin. Therefore, a balance of Oil Production is a must to withstand Extreme conditions of weather. Lot many Skin Products for Oily Skin are available, but preferring Natural Skincare at home is better than those products.

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Natural Remedies for Oily Skin

Neglecting our skin is not good at all the Times. In summer, our skin makes us feel oily than what is is. But the Same Skin demands the oil amounts on Skin in Winters. So, following separate Tips for Summer and Winter is a must and should thing. So, as we are trying to avoid oily Skin, let us learn about beauty tips for Summer season. These Tips will make you greasy skin to control the Oil Production. The Four ways by which we can attain the Oil free and glowing Skin is:

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  • Cleansing
  • Exfoliating.
  • Toning.
  • Face Pack.

The following are the natural skin care remedies that help you in attaining fair and oil free Skin. The Oily Skin remedies are:

  • Aloe vera.
  • Water Melon.
  • Cucumber.
  • Multani Mitti.
  • Besan.

Therefore, learn how to cleanse, exfoliate, tone, and make your own Face Packs. For each and every Step, we have provided the best Solution for doing that process. Along with that, we also suggest you the Procedure too. Hence, make use of this information in Summer, so that you can avoid Summer Tan.

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Home Remedies for Acne and Oily Skin

Those who have extremely oily skin should take care of their Skin. If possible spend some time in learning your skin texture. Also, know how it is reacting to a particular ingredient. If we focus on having Good skin care, we just don’t need the help of Makeup anymore. Therefore, starting from the Food we eat to the facial creams, just have some consciousness. Now, have a glance at the Oily Skin Remedies to reduce oil on face.

Aloe vera- Good at Cleansing:

Aloe Vera stood as the best Home remedy for oily Skin. Most of them use Aloe Vera as hair conditioner and Toner too. Along with this, Aloe Vera also acts as a perfect Cleanser. It has anti-inflammation property. This property will help you in removing oil and dirt on the face. Even when the people suffer from any infection and Acne, it is useful. It is one of the soothing beauty ingredients. Aloe Vera keeps your skin healthy and repairs the damaged skin. The healing properties of Aloe Vera gel make it unique. In every beauty product, starting from Creams to the Face Packs, we use Aloe Vera. One of the best Oily Skin Remedies is Aloe Vera gel.

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Therefore, using this Aloe Vera gel one in the following process.

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  • Take some Aloe Vera Leafs.
  • Add an aloe leaf to water and bring it to the boil.
  • Keep the Stove in Sim and allow the leaf to cook for few minutes.
  • After some time, remove the vessel from the stove.
  • Keep the water to cool down and grind the aloe leaf.
  • Along with that add some honey to the Aloe Vera paste.
  • Apply this paste and leave the pack on your face for 20 minutes.
  • Rinse off with warm water and pat the face with a smooth cloth.
  • Allow this process at least once in a week.

Therefore, follow this process if you feel it as an easy one. Otherwise, try to apply the Aloe gel on your face.

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Water Melon- A Super Exfoliant:

Water Melon is an excellent Exfoliant and removes all the dead cells on our skin. It is a Super cool fruit which is available in Hot Summer. Is there anyone here who doesn’t love eating Water Melon? Hope no one. Along with its yumminess, it is an anti-oxidant rich food. It removes the dead Skin cells very fastly and makes our skin Wrinkle free. Therefore, along with consuming watermelon juice and Drink try to make use of this Magical Fruit for facial care. Most of us face the problem of having excessive oil over their skin. The Excess oil on the face may combine with the carbon present in the Environment. This combination gives you to develop Black layer on your face.

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Water Melon makes your skin hydrated and also avoid Oiliness on the Skin. Therefore, this fruit also comes under the list of oily Skin remedies.

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  • Grate the Red part of Water Melon completely.
  • Make the pieces into juice.
  • Add some mint leaves while making the Juice.
  • Take the Juice into a Bowl.
  • Apply the juice all over the face using Cotton balls.
  • Keep that mask for at least 10 Minutes.
  • After that Wash off the face with warm water.

Doing this regularly will make your skin and set it to control the oil Products. Therefore, using the Water Melon Juice helps us a lot. Not only the Red part of the Melon, but we can also rub our face with the Thick Skin of Watermelon. It will nourish our skin. Therefore, follow this chilled fruit tips in Summer to avoid oily Skin and oily face.

Cucumber- the Best Toner:

Oily Skin will make us feel awkward. So, to avoid that try to use some ingredients that make your skin stay healthy. Cucumbers are the perfect Toners for our Skin. Because of these Cucumbers, we can Tone our skin as well as control the excess oil, i.e., Sebum production. Soothing and Cooling properties of cucumber make your skin fair and flawless. We can obtain a Flawless Skin only if we have moderate Skin. Having Excess oil on the face is a problem, but completely dry Skin is not at all good. Cucumber is an all time favorite Veggie that can beautify our skin faster than others.

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Also, we can use these Cucumbers in lot many ways. These Cucumbers comes under one of the best Oily Skin remedies. Therefore, use the way we suggest for better results.

  • Prefer Cucumbers as they are the best skin Toners.
  • Cut the Cucumbers into Pieces and make the juice of the Cucumbers.
  • Just Apply the juice on the face and also the areas where you feel your body is tanned.
  • Also, spray the juice all over the dark areas.
  • Sometimes, Massaging with cotton balls will also work.
  • Leave the face pack like that for 10 or 20 minutes.
  • We can simply apply this toner 2 to 4 times a day.
  • Not only that, but we can also rub our face with a piece of Cucumbers.
  • As we all know Cucumbers are the best Solution for Dark Circles, in the same way, it tones our face.

Along with Toning, it also Controls the Excess Oil Production on the skin. Due to excess Oil, we may face the problem of Pimples and also allergies. Don’t just think that it will tone our skin; Cucumber is an allrounder. So, it has stood in the list of Oily Skin Home Remedies. Hence, use the Cucumbers regularly as a face pack or rub your face with it.

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Multani Mitti Face Pack- the best way to Control Sebum Production:

Everyone have an idea about what this ingredient is and even how to use it. Most of the people don’t prefer using it. But, Once we start using it, we cannot stop it because it will show us that many positive results. Multani Matti has another name, i.e., Fuller’s earth. It is a clay substance and hugely popular for its fight against blemishes and also the Pimples. It is a magnesium chloride rich Component. The magnesium chloride will avoid that Acne and its scars. We use Multani Mitti as an absorbent in the wool industry. Also, we see this ingredient in many beauty products too.

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It is a Multi-Tasker as it acts as a cleanser, Toner, and the best treatment for Pimples. But the best part of it is Multani Mitti Face Packs, which is very popular too. Many of us believe that it makes our Skin hard & Tough. Yes, it might change the texture of our skin if we don’t take proper care while applying. Therefore, Go natural this time to have a healthy skin. Know how to use this process effectively to make our skin oil free. Therefore, One of the Oily Skin Remedies list includes Multani Mitti.

  • First of all, using a cotton ball apply some rose water on your face before you go for this pack.
  • Take a bowl and add 2 Spoons of Multani Mitti.
  • Add Rose water drop by drop in the bowl.
  • At the same time, mix well the Multani Mitti and rose water.
  • Prepare a coarse Paste of this and apply on the Face pack carefully on the Skin.
  • Don’t try to move your facial parts while it is drying as it may cause you wrinkles in a long time.
  • After the face mask dries completely, wash your face slowly with warm water.
  • After that, pat your face gently with a towel.

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Use this Multani Mitti once in a week to obtain better results. No need of using this regularly. It may harden your skin and dry off the Skin. So, better prefer using it less frequently.

Besan- A Perfect Face Mask for Glowing Skin:

Besan is not just an Ingredient that makes our tongue and tummy happy. Also, it is the best Ingredient that instantly brings a Magical glow on your Skin. That is why in last minute Facials include Besan as the main ingredient. We miss that bright sparkle on our face that comes only when our skin glows. The reason behind our dullness may be due to the dry or oily skin. Therefore, use this component as one of the best Oily Skin Remedies. Besan is nothing but Gram Flour.

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  • Take two tablespoons of Gram Flour in a bowl.
  • Use Butter Milk, Curd or Milk to form a thick coarse of the Besan paste.
  • Apply it on your face and Stay at least 10-20 Minutes.
  • After the time completes, wash the face with warm water.
  • Do this process whenever you want to go for a party or attend a function.
  • It also removes Make residues from our face. So, better use this after reaching home from a party too.

Besan is one of the best Oily Skin Remedies that we can experience. So, it is better to have this simple yet very helpful Face Pack. Therefore, make use of such tips and get perfect Skin with Moderate texture.

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Some other Tips:

  • Try to wash or rinse your face frequently and compulsorily after you come out from a Drive.
  • Avoid the Covering of Sweat pours for a longer period with makeup. Remove the makeup immediately after reaching home. Keeping it like that for longer hours will make your Skin oily.
  • Wear Sunscreen daily to avoid tanning as well as Excess Oil Production.
  • Go for natural Toners as we cannot certify any Product as Alcohol-Free.
  • At least once a week, spend some time for a perfect face mask.
  • Moisturizers may also play a better role in avoiding oil Secretion.
  • Scrubbing is also a major part of avoiding Excess oil deposits.

These are the Oily Skin Remedies that help you all the time if you follow them regularly. Due to the pollution, our skin is loosing its original texture. Therefore, topical skin care is necessary for every age group. So, following those tips is important. Along with all these Tips, before going to sleep, apply some rose water with Cotton Ball. It will make your skin smoother and blush too. Hope this article gives you the Solution for your Oily Skin and the Oily Skin Remedies too.


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