Home Beauty Tips How to stop biting nails habit fast?

How to stop biting nails habit fast?

How to stop biting nails habit fast?

How to Stop Biting Nails Habit? The one habit that gives a negative impression to other people is nothing but nail biting. Of course, everyone can experience a nail biting moment at some point in their lives. But some are addicted to that habit. Nail biters can have a permanent damage to their nails, teeth, and stomach.

Nail biters can have a permanent damage to their nails, teeth, and stomach. Event the beauty of the nails will also lapse. Therefore, know the causes, effects, and the best home remedies to quit nail biting disorder.

What Causes you to bite your nails?

Why do people bite their nails? There are many reasons for nail biting disorder. Most common causes include the following.

  1. The main cause of nail biting is stress and anxiety. Also, sometimes frustration and separation from friends and family also cause biting nails disorder.
  2. In some cases, finger nail biting also occurs due to a psychological condition called obsessive-compulsive disorder(OCD).
  3. People who have uncontrollable thoughts also addicted to biting nails disorder.
  4. Other psychological problems which many of the nail biters have are separation anxiety disorder, oppositional defiant disorder, bedwetting.
  5. Among teenagers, nervousness or fear is the main cause for nail biting. Hence, they will bite nails during the interview process, at the time of giving a seminar, etc.

Hence, whenever you notice that you start biting your nails, the first thing you must do is query yourself. Why do I bite my nails? Once you get the answer, think of the solution for nail biting and try to avoid the situations that cause biting nails disorder. Hence, maintain a nail biting journal. In this journal write down the answers to the queries, why do we bite our nails? Why I can’t stop biting my nails? How can I stop biting my nails and skin? If you keep this journal with you, it will be easy to find causes and solutions to get rid of a biting nails disorder.

what does it mean when you bite your nails
What are the causes of nail biting disorder

Side effects of biting your nails

Do you know what happens when you bite your nails? Biting your nails can result in many long term effects and risks. Regular biting the nails and cuticles can make your skin around the nails and fingers red and sore. Sometimes, the skin around fingernails will bleed, and the bacteria will be grown on the skin which you bite. Then, the infections will develop on the nails and skin around fingernails. When you touch the face or eat anything, the bacteria will transfer from the bitten nails to other body parts. Look at the below long term effects of biting nails.

Nail Biting infections

Nail biters will get the infections on the skin which surround fingernails. Also, when you bite nails, the bacteria, virus, and yeasts can enter into the deeper layers of the skin. Then, the skin becomes red, and also leads to swelling. In worst situations, you can find the Pus around the nails. Hence to avoid nail problems, stop biting nails.

Dental problems

Is biting your nails bad for your teeth? Absolutely, the infections of the nails will pass to the teeth at the time of putting anything into your mouth with fingers. The original shape of the teeth will change and becomes weak. Therefore, it’s better to stop biting nails as fast as you can.

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Stomach problems

Biting your nails not only cause dental problems but also serious stomach problems. The infections from the nails transfer to mouth and then to stomach. In some cases, the bitten nails will enter into your stomach unexpectedly. Since nails cannot digest, you may face several serious stomach problems. This can result in overall health damage. Even eating nails can show a negative impact on the quality of life.

These are the long term effects of biting nails. To prevent these effects, follow the below no more biting nails solutions. These are readily available and easy to follow. Hence, try them and notice the difference in your nail biting habit.

How to Stop Biting Nails Fast?

The Medical Term of Nail Biting is Onychophagia. Nail biting is a bad habit that happens unconsciously and is very hard to break. But you can stop biting nails with a strong dedication and a little motivation. Bitten nails seem very nasty and give a negative impression to other people. Excessive nail biting can lead to severe damage to the fingernails, cuticles in which they become red and sometimes bleeds.

Studies show that 60% of children, 45% of teenagers, 25% of adults, and 5% of old adults are addicted to biting nails habit. It is a severe problem because it may affect the health and mind permanently. So, one must deal with this psychological problem. Many of us tried different ways to stop biting nails disorder. But a few people find the solution. Here are the most effective ways to stop biting nails habit.

Easiest ways to stop biting your nails

Trim the nails

Trimming the nails is the best way to stop nail biting habit. When you keep the nails short, the chance of eating the nails will decrease. If you identify any growth in the nails, cut them again. Hence, keep the right clippers always with you. Therefore, people who bite nails must adopt this natural method as a habit.

Do manicure 

How to stop biting nails fast? The Professional manicure is the most effective to stop biting your nails. When you do manicure, your nails seems more beautiful. Also, the nail polish that you wear on the nails adds beauty to them. Hence, the great look of nails distracts your mood from biting. Even you can also get a thought to show off your beautiful nails. Therefore, add nail polishes with decors like patterns, textures, and jewels. If you don’t have an idea about how to do manicure, ask a manicurist.

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why is it bad to bite your nails
Professional manicure for nail biting treatment

Wear best anti nail biting polish

Most of the people who have anxiety must have a question in their mind is “How to quit biting my nails?”. Nail biting polishes are the best products to get rid of a bad nail biting habit. Nowadays many nail biting products and thumb sucking products are available in the market which helps you to stop biting your nails. These products are bitter to taste and hence when you bite nails; you will feel to take away the hand from the mouth. Hence, apply a nail biting deterrent liquid every day in the morning. This biting nails deterrent looks like a thin nail polish but doesn’t taste good.

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Tips for stopping biting nails

Artificial nails

Another best way to get rid of nail biting disorder is wearing artificial nails. These fake nails cover your nails in a stylish manner, and so you can’t bite them. Therefore, artificial nails are the best stuff to put on your nails to stop biting them. In the market, there exist different types of artificial nails which include acrylics, press-on-nails, wraps. Check for the right size that suits for your nails because they may fall off if they didn’t fit. Hence, wear acrylic nails to stop nail biting.

Cover your nails with gloves

How do I quit biting my nails? Gloves are the perfect answer to this query. They will easily motivate you in the process of quitting biting nails. Because wearing gloves during the winter season is ok but during summer the gloves can irritate you. Hence, you can stop extreme nail biting habit fastly. Also, while you are writing or doing some activities, you will feel uncomfortable. This advantage also helps to break a habit of biting nails. Motivate yourself that you have no need to wear gloves when you quit nail biting.

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biting skin around nails sign of anxiety
Natural tips to prevent nail biting

Cover the nails with adhesive bandages

Another no more biting nails solution is wearing the adhesive bandage on the nails. Wrap the adhesive bandage over your fingertips. Since it doesn’t seem good, you can easily stop biting nails habit. But you must wear the existing bandage with a new one after taking a shower or when it becomes dirty and soggy.

When I take off adhesive bandages from nails?

You must keep the adhesive bandages until you break nail biting habit. Usually, it takes about 21 days to quit biting your nails. So, have a positive mind and continue to use adhesive bandages by replacing the them time to time.

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Use rubber bands trick

How to stop someone biting their nails? The most effective tips for nail biters is rubber band trick. This is a simple method that all of us plays in the childhood. Wrap a rubber band around your two fingers. Whenever you bite nails, snap your hands with this band. It hurts you and distracts the mood from biting your nails. Also when you see the rubber band, you will remember not to bite nails. This is the best psychological method to keep yourself from biting your nails.

Find a way to distract yourself from biting nails

Once you find that you are addicted to nail biting, first know what is the cause of nail biting. After, solve the underlying cause for nail biting. Also, spend the energy that you used for eating nails on doing other things. The most successful tip to quit biting nails is keeping the hands of nail biters busy. When you keep the hands busy, the chance of putting the nails in the mouth will greatly reduce.

Stress ball to stop biting nails

A stress ball is a small ball. Usually, it is used to relieve stress and muscle tensions. Whenever you notice that you start nail biting, use the stress ball to squeeze with your palms by involving nails. Of course, it doesn’t help to quit eating nails, but it stops the feeling of nails to bite.

can you get worms from biting your nails
Use stress ball to break biting nails habit

Also, make a hobby of continuous handwork which includes drawing, sewing, painting, crocheting. Since, many people can’t do painting during watching TV, while standing, sitting on a bus, they must choose to chew. Keeping the mouth busy also helps to get rid of nail biting. Rather look at your nails and know the nail biting permanent damage. If you know the damage, you can quit eating nails permanently.

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Nail biting remedies for children

Neem oil to stop biting nails

Neem oil is the best nail biting solution. It can stop biting your nails due to its bitter taste. Also, it is a natural antiseptic and hence prevents nail infections. Dip a cotton swab in the neem oil and apply this on your nails. Allow the oil to become dry on your nails. When you try to bite your nails, the bitter taste of neem oil impels you to remove fingers away from the mouth.

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Bitter gourd – A best nail biting remedy

Another best home remedy to stop biting nails is a bitter gourd. As the name itself tells that this veggie is bitter in taste. This bitter taste is the advantage, and hence we can use this gourd for stopping nail biting habit.

How to stop biting my nails using bitter gourd?
  1. Take one bitter gourd and crush it in the form of a paste.
  2. Else, extract the juice from the bitter gourd pieces.
  3. Spread this paste or juice over the biting skin around nails.
  4. The bitter taste of this veggie prevents you from biting your nails.
  5. Repeat this home remedy until you get out from nail biting disorder.
long term effects of biting nails
Home remedies for nail biting in children

Garlic to prevent biting nails addiction

How can I start biting my nails? Most of the people have this question. The best solution for this bad nail biting habit in kids is garlic. Generally, we use garlic to add taste in the recipes. But it has an excellent use in nail biting reversal training. The strong smell of garlic will keep kids away from addiction to biting nails. Also, garlic is a natural antiseptic. Hence, it keeps all the nail infections damage at a bay and strengthens your nails. In addition to, it not only helps to break nail biting habit but also for growing nails after biting.

How to use garlic for nail biting prevention?
  1. Take one fresh garlic clove and made it into two pieces.
  2. Now, rub this piece on the biting skin around nails.
  3. Allow it to dry on the skin for some time.
  4. The lingering taste of garlic and hard aroma can prevent you from biting your fingernails.
  5. You can also use garlic oil to apply over the nails.
  6. Continue this treatment till your biting nails habit stops.

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Aloe vera to control eating nails in toddlers

The most helpful home remedy for getting rid of eating fingernails is aloe vera. Aloe vera contains anti-inflammatory properties. Hence, it helps to avoid all nail infections and the bitter taste of this herb aids to stop nail biting damage fastly. Also, the aloe vera gel also assists in growing nails after biting them. Peel a fresh aloe vera leaf and place it in the fridge. Put the gel of aloe vera on the nails every morning. Whenever you try to bite nails, you will suddenly keep away your nails from the mouth due to its terrible taste.

All these are the causes, side effects, and the best ways to stop biting nails habit. Although it takes the time to break nail biting habit, following the above natural tips can help a lot for getting fast results.


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