The most frightening situation is when you see that your nose is bleeding. The medical term of nose bleeding is Epistaxes. When the tiny blood vessels of the get damaged, your nose will start bleeding. The bleeding may be light or heavy but can last 10 to 20 minutes. Look through the overall article to get an idea about causes, symptoms, and how to stop a nose bleed.

why do people get excessive nose bleeds?
Best Ways to prevent bloody nose

What causes nose bleeds?

Nose contains very delicate blood vessels which can bleed due to any minute damages. Common causes of nose bleeding include the following.

  1. The primary cause of a nose bleed is trauma that occurs either from inside or outside of the nose.
  2. Dry air may dry out the nasal membranes which can result in the nose bleed. Hence, dry air is also one of the nose bleeding causes.
  3. Taking alcohol, an excess dosage of aspirin and other chemical irritants also cause a nose to bleed.
  4. Hormonal changes and nutritional deficiencies are the main reasons for nose bleeding during pregnancy.
  5. Some nasal allergies, infections, and picking of the nose also cause the nose bleed.
  6. High blood pressure and atherosclerosis also contribute nose bleeding.

Why does your nose bleed during pregnancy?

Most of the pregnant women will have a bleeding nose. Is nose bleeding normal during pregnancy? Yes. During pregnancy, the blood vessel will tend to expand which may result in increased blood supply. Hence, pressure on the delicate blood vessels will increase causing the nose to bleed. Also, the cold, allergies, sinus infection, cold weather, dry environments are the major causes of nosebleeds during pregnancy. Do you think does high blood pressure cause nose bleeds? definitely, the high blood pressure, dry membranes in the nose, and clotting disorder are also the causes of nose bleeding while pregnancy.

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How to stop a nose bleed fast?

Why do I get nose bleeds everyday? The frequent nose blowing, alcohol abuse, taking cocaine, allergic reactions can cause random nose bleeding. The signs and symptoms of a nose bleed include a headache, fever, weakness, confusion, dizziness. But, we can cure the nose bleeding at home by following some first aid steps. Hence, try these tips to stop a nose bleed without any help of a doctor.

Sit in a right position

What to do for a nose bleed? The initial treatment is necessary for a nose bleeds before going to the hospital. Because some of the nosebleeds are not serious and can be cured with simple first aid at home. At the beginning of the home treatment for nosebleeds, sit up straight with your head tilted towards forward.

Once you get into position, don’t lean your head back because it may result in flowing of blood into the sinuses and throat. Also, sometimes you may swallow that blood which flows into your throat. The swallowed blood can cause irritation in the stomach and result in vomitings. Hence, spit out if any blood comes into your throat.

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nose bleeds and cancer
Nose bleed remedies at home

Pinch the nose

How to stop a bloody nose? The nose consists of a bony part, a hard part, and softer parts made with cartilage. Severe Nose bleeds generally happen in the soft part of the nose. Using your thumb and forefinger, compress the soft part of the nose by blocking the nostrils. This tip applies the pressure directly at the place where blood vessels damaged.

Continue to pinch the nose for 10 minutes. As a result, the nose bleeding will stop. If not, keep pinching for another 10 minutes. Usually, nose bleeding takes 10 to 20 minutes to stop. While doing this natural way, you must breathe with a mouth. Use some nasal sprays to stop a nose bleed before applying pressure on the nose.

Use ice to cool down the nose

To prevent further sudden bleeding from nose, place ice packs on the nose and cheeks. These ice cubes will tighten the blood vessels and helps to stop nose bleed. In an alternative way, you can also place ice cubes in the mouth. Low body temperature can reduce the blood flowing in the nose. Hence, the constant nose bleeds will get into control.

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Do nasal sprays cause nose bleeds?

Most of the doctors prescribe to use nasal sprays for nosebleed prevention. But you are not aware of those nasal sprays and have a doubt” can nasal spray cause nose bleed?”. Not exactly but some may cause irritation if they don’t suit. But many of the sprays work well for underlying infections like sneezing, drainage, allergic rhinitis, stuffiness, and swelling.

If you have seasonal nosebleeds, you can try medicated nasal sprays. This medicine can contract the blood vessels and helps to stop nose bleeds. Some of the best nasal sprays include saline nasal spray, Afrin spray, oxymetazoline spray.

How to use nasal spray medication to stop nose bleed?
  1. Take a fresh cotton ball and add 1 or 2 drops of nasal spray to it.
  2. Place it in the nostrils and then pinch the nose.
  3. Compress the nose for 10 minutes and check if bleeding comes from the nose or not.
  4. After bleeding stops, don’t remove the cotton ball because the bleeding can reoccur.
  5. Frequent use of this nasal spray can cause nasal congestion.
  6. Also, these nose sprays are meant only if bleeding does not stop for pinching technique.

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Home Remedies for Nose Bleed

Petroleum jelly – A solution for nose bleeding

What is the treatment for nose bleeding? In the winter months, your nose becomes dry due to cold and other allergies. Since nose bleeding occurs due to dry membranes in the nose, it’s necessary to keep inside of the nostrils moist. Hence, Petroleum jelly is the best solution for nose bleeding due to its moisturizing nature. It prevents the nose from dryness and irritating.

How to use petroleum jelly for nose bleeds cure?
  • Put a little amount of petroleum jelly on the finger.
  • Now apply this gel inside of your nose.
  • Do this home remedy for a bloody nose for several times in a day.

Remember: Don’t take this nasal gel in a heavy amount at one time to reduce the risk of swallowing and inhaling of it.

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how do you prevent bloody noses in the morning
Home remedies for nose bleeding

Drink more water

The primary cause of nose bleeding in summer is a lack of hydration. Hence, people whose nose bleeds must drink plenty of water to hydrate themselves. Drink more water and notice the difference in nose bleeding during summer months.

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Nettle leaves to stop a nose bleed

How to get rid of a nose bleed? Nettle is an excellent remedy for constant nose bleeds in children. The astringent properties of nettle help in clotting and thus stop a nose bleed quickly. In addition to, it also strengthens the blood capillaries and treats allergies which result in bleeding nose.

How to make my nose bleed stop using nettle leaves?
  1. To avoid constant bleeding from nose, inhale the powder made from dry nettle leaves.
  2. Besides, extract the juice from fresh nettle leaves and put some drops in your nostrils.
  3. Within a short time, you may get quick relief from nose bleeding.
  4. During summer, drink 1 to 2 cups of nettle tea for preventing nosebleeds.

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How to prevent nosebleeds?

After the nose stopped bleeding, follow these best ways to prevent nosebleeds from happening again.

  1. Don’t pick your nose.
  2. Avoid lifting weights or doing things which may strain you.
  3. Lift your head on the pillows at 30 to 45 degrees during sleeping.
  4. Use saline or water-based nasal gels to put into your nose.
  5. Don’t use aspirin and other drugs which are anti-inflammatory.
  6. Don’t place anything inside the nose or blow your nose.
  7. Avoid smoking and taking cocaine.
  8. Eat fiber rich foods to keep stools soft because the hard bowel movements may rupture the delicate blood vessels due to intracerebral arterial pressure.
  9. Use sprays like Afrin, Neo-Synephrine to control nosebleeds temporary. But people having high blood pressure must not use these nasal spray gels.
  10. Since dry environments also cause a nose to bleed, it’s better to humidify your room. Hence, buy a humidifier.
  11. Open your mouth while sneezing to prevent air expulsion through the nose.

These are the best ways to stop a nose bleed. Follow these natural remedies to random nose bleeds and notice the improvement. If you didn’t see any change, contact the doctor for medical treatment.


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