Weight Loss!! Weight Loss!! The common problem for all. Everyone wants to have a perfect body. But what to do? Some are overweighted, and some are underweighted. In today’s generation, most of the people are over weighted. There are various reasons for the Heavyweight. Our daily habit will have a great impact on weight. In this busy schedule, there is no time for exercise or to follow a regular diet. But small changes in daily food habits will make a lot of changes in increasing or decreasing weight. So don’t you want to learn simple things on “how to lose weight without exercise?” Just follow these tips and reduce body weight according to your preference.

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How to Lose Weight Without Exercise

Everyone has thought to lose weight one should do exercise. Yes of course! It is necessary to do exercise for faster weight loss. Most of the people are working or going to colleges. When they are leaving for the work or to college, they definitely can’t concentrate on the exercise or diet. Once we return from work, the first we want to do is taking rest. When it is a matter of exercise or Diet, We usually say “Let’s starts from tomorrow.” But still, we want to lose weight.

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As we know, we don’t have that much time so that we can go to the gym and do exercise regularly. It is often that we will search for shortcuts to get rid of heavyweight. It is necessary to follow some instructions to reduce weight. The thing you have to do is making simple changes in your food habits. A simple change can make a lot of difference. You can use tips to lose weight fast weight out Exercise. Here we have provided some simple tips to lose weight without exercise.

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Weight Loss

Easy Ways to Lose Weight without Exercise

When it comes to losing weight, you should be careful about the food you take. The food and food timings play a major role in weight loss. It is needed to take the small quantity of food for several times. Not only food there are other things that may influence on your weight. Check the out fastest way to lose weight without exercise.

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Drink Water

Drinking water is a natural and important thing to do. You should make your body hydrated. Many times we feel thirst as hungry. When you feel hunger drink a glass of water. Drinking water before meals can satisfy less your appetite. Drinking eight glasses of water per day is good for health, and it also helps in reducing weight. If you feel hunger, you can take sugarless fluids also.

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Stay Away from Unhealthy Food

Instant Food is the major cause of weight gain. In a hurry, we usually make ready-to-eat food save the time. Also, junk food tastes good than the regular. As you don’t have any option, you should avoid unhealthy to lose weight quick without exercise. These foods also increase your appetite. So it is good to stay away from unhealthy food.

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Masticate food and Eat Slowly:

Don’t Eat your food in a hurry. Chew the food as possible. When you are eating your food, your brain needs to time to process that you have enough to eat. Also, chewing more can feel as you have eaten a lot. It is also said that first few bites of our food are the most satisfying bites. It is tough for the people who eat fast. But to lose weight fast, you should chew your food and eat slowly.

Fiber Content:

Adding Fiber to your food is the easiest and Fastest way to lose weight without Exercise. Fiber rich food is one of the best foods that helps in losing weight in a faster. You can take Fiber Rich food to have less appetite. It gives a satisfactory feeling of full as well as works as the best diet for Weight Loss. So add fiber content to your diet and get rid of heavyweight.

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Avoid Alcohol:

Say no to Alcohol and Stay Fit & Healthy. Alcohol consumption may lead to weight gain. If you have a habit of alcohol, it is better to stay away from it. A study says that Over Consumption of Alcohol can lead to overweight. Reducing alcohol intake makes you reduce weight drastically.

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Don’t Skip Meals

Most of the people think that skipping meals will help in reducing weight which is absolutely wrong. In our Childhood, our Mom thought not to skip meals. Now it is helpful in weight loss. So, instead of skipping meals add protein rich food to your plate and stay healthy.

Eat Without Watching TV:

When we watch movies or any programs on TV, we usually a lot than the regular. When we are in front of Television or playing video games, we won’t pay attention to our food. At the same time, you may not know how much you are eating. It is possible that you will take more calories which oppose your daily diet. It will lead to gain Weight for a long term. So, while you are eating pay your attention to your food.

Check Weight Regularly:

When you are going through the diet, you will expect your weight loss. When you are going to start your diet, firstly check your weight. According to your weight prepare your diet plan. Continuously check your weight. It is preferred to check your weight once or twice a week.

Check Weight Regularly

Enough Sleep:

Lack of sleep can lead to some obesity. Improper sleep can disturb your appetite and cause hormone imbalance. Everyone should have enough sleep. A good sleep helps in reducing stress. Some studies stated that everyone should have 7-8 hours of sleep. For a proper balance of hormones, one should have a good sleep.

Count Calories in your food:

Count your calories in your plate before going to eat. If you want to lose your weight you should have control over your food. But it doesn’t mean you will completely avoid the food. Avoiding the food also leads to various health problems. You may think avoiding food is the easiest way to lose weight without exercise. But it’s not true!! The thing you have to do is control over the calories you take. You can have more protein food which increases your metabolism. So make a healthy plate and control your weight.

Add Plenty of Protein to your Plate

Adding Protein Rich food to your diet is very helpful in losing weight fastly. It is the food which helps in feeling full. High Protein food stays longer in your tummy and feels less appetite. As a result, you will take less food. We know protein rich is healthy as well as tastes good compared to other foods. Protein rich includes Fish, Eggs, Nuts, and Almonds, etc.

Proteins to Weight Lose

Use Less Sugar

When you are on diet it is better to have less sugar in your food. When you are taking fluids, it is better to avoid sugar in your drink. As Sugar contains fructose and high level of carbohydrates, it can lead to Belly Fat. Over Usage of Sugar can also lead to diabetes. So to avoid future problems make less use of sugar in your food.

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Drink Green Tea:

A Cup of Green Tea in your daily diet makes a lot of change. Green Tea is not a fat Cutter but also helps to increase your metabolism when eventually burns the fat of your body. It is better to add a cup of Green Tea in your breakfast is good for health and used to improve your metabolism. So green tea is one of the ways to lose weight fast without exercise.

Other Simple Tips to Lose Weight Fast Without Exercise

  • Use Smaller Plates when it Comes to Unhealthy Foods.
  • Switch the hands when you are eating. Because using the non-dominant hand can lead to eating slowly than the regular.
  • If you are going to start the diet, use the variety of foods so that you may get interested in your food.
  • Try to smaller bites of your food.
  • Prepare a supportive friends group who encourages on your healthy diet.
  • Eat the same quantity of food at different times. Divide your plate into five or four parts. Eat every part of at various times.
  • Change your habit towards fruits and green vegetables.
  • Note down the calories you have taken. Every time we count the high calories, we will try to reduce the count. This may help you take fewer calories.

These are simple tips which help in losing weight without any exercises. We hope these tips will help to reach your goal.


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