Doesn’t it feel good when you have the brightening smile in your photos? Of Course, it does. Do you conceal your teeth in pictures? Don’t say your teeth is the reason for this. Hiding is not the solution. Maybe you are brushing your more than two times a day. Then what is the reason behind these dirty yellow teeth? Just think for a while. The first you arise is “How to brush your teeth better?” Yes, you have emerged a right question. Here we have provided the answer to your question. There is a technique to brush your teeth. So check out the techniques to brush your teeth in a better way.

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How to Brush your Teeth better

Have you ever thought there would be special techniques to brush your teeth? If not, think now. Because brushing teeth is a paramount task to do. If you opt a right way to brush your teeth, then your teeth will shine like a pearl. The shiny teeth give a better smile. A better smile will give a better appearance and great look. To have a great smile and to shine in your teeth, you need to know the techniques of brushing. It doesn’t matter how many times you are brushing. The thing that matters is how effectively you are brushing? So learn the effective tooth brushing Techniques for White teeth.

How to Brush your Teeth better? is a common and important question for all. Brushing is not only for white teeth or healthy smile. The main reason for this tooth brushing is health. When you brush your teeth, you will get rid of plaque, a thin form of bacteria which sticks to your teeth. If you don’t brush your teeth, there is a chance of getting the cavity, gum diseases, etc. If you don’t brush your properly, on one day, your teeth will fall out. From then no need brushing and there will be no chance of eating which will be hell to us. So to do the proper brushing you should know the techniques of brushing.

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brush your teeth

Tooth Brushing Techniques

Are you searching for Proper Toothbrushing Techniques? Only brushing is not enough. Using a correct tooth brushing techniques is important. A technique of brushing is very important to get white teeth. Not only whiten teeth it is also important to get healthy teeth. When you don’t want to brush just remember one thing “No brush No Teeth”. No need of brushing all your teeth just the ones you want to keep. So if you want to keep your teeth then find the best way to brush your teeth. Here we have provided the procedure how to brush your teeth.

There are different tooth brushing techniques. There is a particular direction of brushing. May you are brushing your teeth for one minute, but is not enough. To get healthy teeth, you should brush your teeth approximately for 2 to 3 minutes so that you can clean your teeth effectively. So as to get healthy and whitening teeth follow these steps fo brushing.

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Choose a Good Tooth Brush

Choosing a good toothbrush is a basic technique of brushing. Most of the people have thought any toothbrush works for teeth which is not true. The brush you choose should be smooth because a hard brush can affect your gums and can lead to bleeding. You can also use a small headed brush. It will help you to reach the corner of your teeth and remove the bacteria from these places.

You have a choice of electronic toothbrushes if you are lazy at brushing. The electric brush will encourage you to spend more time on brushing.

Brush Your at least Twice a day

Don’t ask anyone How to Brush your Teeth better? Find your solution through brushing twice. Brushing teeth twice a day is good enough to get healthy teeth. You can brush your teeth in the early morning as well as in the evening before going to bed. When you are brushing in the morning time, spend more time so that you can clean your teeth in an efficient manner as well as when you are brushing your teeth in the evenings wait for 10 minutes after eating your meals.

Clean your teeth

Replace your Brush Often

If you are using a brush from a long time, then replace your brush now. Most of the dental studies one should change their brush for every three months. If you are using a good toothbrush, it doesn’t mean you can use it for a long time. Regardless of the type of the brush, you should change your toothbrush frequently. After some time your brush may not serve effectively as previous. It won’t remove plaque and bacteria from your teeth and gums. It is one of the answers to the question “How to Brush your Teeth better?”

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Don’t Overdo It

When you are brushing, your teeth don’t rub your brush hardly. It may affect your teeth and gums. When you over brush your teeth, it may blemish your outer layer named enamel.

As we said brushing two times a day is good for teeth. At the same time brushing more than three times is not good. Limit your brushing and do it in a proper way.

Change brush Pattern

Most of the people use the same pattern of cleaning for all the time. It is better to change your pattern frequently. Brushing in the regular pattern may miss the same spots every time. For effective brushing, one should alter the pattern of brushing. You may try a reversible order of your brushing so that you can clean every part of your mouth.

Clean Your Tongue

Most of the people miss tongue at the time of brushing. But it is a crucial part of cleaning. You can use a regular brush to clean your tongue but in a smoother way. You can also use a tongue cleaner for effective cleaning. In this way, you can get rid of bacteria from your tongue.

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Floss Your Teeth

Most of the people forget to floss the teeth. It will threaten to the teeth and gum. There are various food particles which can be stuck between your teeth. So clean the particles from the teeth you should floss your teeth.

Steps to Brush Your Teeth

Don’t you find fun when you are searching for How to brush your Teeth? But it is an important thing to our daily life. A white and healthy teeth are the priority of everyone. A good and sweet smile comes from healthy teeth. So learn step by step by step process of brushing your teeth.

Use Less Amount of Tooth Paste

Usually most of the people like toothpaste. So the use more toothpaste than necessary. It is better to use less toothpaste for effective cleaning of your teeth.

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Make 45 Degrees Angle

When you are brushing your teeth, put your toothbrush in 45 degrees angle. Concentrate on the bristles where your teeth and gum meet. Brush your teeth in a gentle manner. Use circular and massaging motion towards up and down. Repeat this process so as you can clean every part of your mouth.

Clean every Surface of your Teeth

Sometimes when you are brushing you may miss surfaces like chewing surface, tongue surface, etc. Place your brush at surfaces of your tooth and clean it. Also, clean your inner surfaces of your teeth which will miss at most of the times. Take this tip and solve the question How to Brush your Teeth better?

Clean Surfaces of your Teeth

How Often should you brush your Teeth?

In this busy life, we don’t have that much time to concentrate on brushing. You may brush your teeth in a hurry. Don’t do that!!! Take your time to clean your teeth. Use two to three minutes of time for brushing so that you can clean every part of teeth.

Rinse your Mouth

Once you finished your brushing, rinse your mouth using standard water. You can also use salt water to clean. Saltwater will give additional protection to your teeth. This will be one of the answers to your question How to Brush your Teeth better.

Rinse Your Brush

You should rinse your brush twice. Clean your brush before usage as well as after usage. If you don’t clean your brush properly, the bacteria will attack your mouth next you use it. So properly clean your brush to get rid of the bacteria which will try to attack your mouth.

Get White Teeth

Instructions to Brush your Teeth Proper

If you are done with your brushing techniques, check some more instructions which help to whiten your teeth. You can use these instructions to get whiten teeth.

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  • Always use a soft and smooth brush for cleaning. Using a hard brush can lead to gum recession or bleeding, etc.
  • Meet your dentist for your regular dental examination.
  • If your gums are bleeding, use some sensible toothbrush and paste suggested by your dentist.
  • Do gargling after eating.
  • Use a toothpick to remove the food that stuck between your teeth.
  • Use Floss to clean your teeth.
  • Choose electronic brushes which show timer. This will help you how much time you brush.
  • Use Oil Pulling to get fresh breath.
  • Rinse your mouth after drinking cool drinks or any other drinks.

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These are some simple tips focusing on “How to brush your teeth?” We hope these tips will help you to get good and healthy teeth.


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