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Home Manicure Tips | How to do manicure at Home

Home Manicure Tips | How to do manicure at Home

Don’t you love to have Beautiful and Gorgeous Nails which looks like a crown for the Fingers? There is a saying “Nails are the period at the end of the sentence. They complete the look”. It is correct as they enhance our look. Home Manicure is the only way to keep them pretty all the time.

manicure to avoid nail Problems

Maintaining them just like a baby is the only thing we can do to make them the best. From the start of a day, till we go to sleep we do a lot of work with our hands. We use our hands to mix and fix many things. Those who have the habit of applying nail arts will face the problem of Yellow stains on nails.

Therefore, here are the ways for each and every Nail Problems. As we know there is a solution for each and every issue, we provide you the problem wise Manicure. Hence, let us first get an idea on the worries our nail creates us frequently.

Common Nail Problem

Some people feel that their nails are too yellow to show off them without those Nail arts. This problem is due to applying nail polish regularly. In the same way, blackness around the nail is another familiar Problem everyone face. Therefore, let us find the list of Problems that we notice for the nails. Home Manicure is necessary for the following conditions.

  1. Yellow Stains.
  2. The Darkness around the nails and Finger joints.
  3. Ingrown nail.
  4. Dead Keratin.

These are the biggest problems that we have commonly noticed the people those who prefer Manicure.

Tools we require for Manicure

At home, we just cleanse our Nails, brush them and say i am done with my Manicure. But do you know how to do a Salon style Manicure? There is a need for some necessary Tools that complete the Manicure in a perfect way. The following are the Tools that we should own for better Cleansing of Our Hands and Nails.

kit for manicure image

  • Brushes.
  • Sponges.
  • Dotting Tools.
  • Tweezers.
  • Cuticle Nippers.
  • Cuticle Pushers and Removers.
  • Stripers.
  • Orangewood sticks.

These are the tools that we require while choosing for a Home Manicure. Therefore, use this Tools while trying to do a Perfect Manicure at Home. Not only doing manicures but also try to maintain some hygiene and apply Moisturizers. These are crucial as Skin care can avoid frequent Manicures. Also, the work we do matters a lot. Therefore, let us learn how to Manicure our Hands and nails in detail according to the requirement.

Home Manicure and Natural Tips

Manicure is a general term that we listen when we go for Beauty Clinics. They may cost you a lot for this manicure process. But there is nothing that complicated which we cannot do in Home manicure. Manicure comes under cosmetic beauty treatment. It is mainly for Fingernails, nail plates, and hands. We just do it to remove dead cells on our skin and help in the clearance of the Nails.

steps to home manicure image

It includes filing and shaping of Free edges of Nails. Along with that, we should Clip, and Push the Nails. These steps are also a Must for better Nails. We can also remove the extras that avail at the corners. After that massaging the hands and applying Nail Polish follows. When we do this for Toe Nails, we call it as Pedicure.

Manicures may include Nail Arts too. Therefore, everything that involved in Manicure is the one which we can do at Home. So, let us know the Salon Style Process and learn the Home Manicure too.

Salon Style Manicure:

We can do a Salon Style Manicure if we have the above kit list which we have already specified above.

manicure bowl image

Step 1:

  • Firstly, remove the Nail art or nail Polish using Nail-remover. Using Cotton Pad or paper Towel is better for Nail Polish removal as it provides more friction than Cotton Balls.
  • A Non-acetone remover dries less than other Nail Polish removers. Therefore, prefer such Nail polish removers than any other regular Formulae.

Step 2:

  • After that, We should do the filing Process only when our Nails are Dry.
  • As we file abrasively with metallic instruments, our nails may undergo peeling. So, opting for a fine-grade emery Board is good.
  • The Best way is to choose a direction we are comfortable with and stick to it. File the Nails in the same directions with Smooth Strokes.
  • Keep in mind that if we saw them using Emery board front and back, the nail may break.
  • So, use either forward stroke or backward stroke instead of a See-saw method.

fail your nails image

Step 3:

  • After that above level, Keep the hands in a bowl of warm water to soften the Nails and Cuticles.
  • After 10-15 minutes of Soaking, pat the hands with a towel and dry the hands.
  • Apply Cuticle cream or lotion and make tiny circles against the Cuticles with the orangewood stick.
  • Orangewood stick is nothing but a thin Wooden stick with a slant edge. Wrap it in cotton and do this process.
  • Later, gently rub the cuticles with a warm cloth. Rub the cuticles in circular motions, so that we can remove the dead cuticles.
  • It is safer to push the cuticles back instead of removing them.
  • These skins act as a protective seal between our Nails and Skin. These prevent the germs or irritants into the skin.

Step 4:

  • After cleansing and removing the cuticles, wash the oil or lotion that we already applied for the nails.
  • Wash it off with Soap water and dry the Nails. There is no need of rubbing the Nails with Polish remover as it may dry our Nails. After this follow the steps below.

Step 5:

  • Firstly, apply a base coat on your fingers. It is a must and should step while doing Manicure.
  • But many of us don’t know that it is necessary. The Basecoat is important as it holds the polish perfectly and makes it last for longer period.
  • It prevents our nails turning dark and tint away.

Step 6:

  • From the Base to the tip, in three strokes from as they do in the salon’s sweep on polish them.
  • Moving the brush on their hands in a way like going up to the center and cover each of the sides. Before applying, use only a dip per nail and wipe the brush once a dunk.
  • Wait for some time between each and every color coat.

moisturizing hands image

Step 7:

  • After the above steps, finish the Manicure Process by applying the Top layer.
  • This Top Coat will cover our nails and prevent them from losing water that causes breakdown of Nails.
  • While choosing the Top Coat, we should be selective, i.e., the one which is hard and last for longer period.
  • Therefore, opting for a top coat is the major thing we can do.
  •  Don’t do it in a rush or a Panic. By doing so, our nails may face the damage. Pick a  fast and Topcoat that dries quickly for every alternate day.
  • This process will protect your polish and make it stay for a longer period.
  • To avoid the nicks, use the sprays that have silicone contents or Drying Oils.

Step 8:

  • Touch ups are necessary only if there are any corrections of nail polish.
  • Do these corrections only when the nail Polish dries off. Doing the Touchups when the Polish is wet, it would smudge the complete work.
  • If there is a smudge, remove that with Polish remover and apply the Nail color again and dry it off.
  • Using a Nail color as a Topcoat on your nail Polish stop the fading of Nail polish.

These are the Salon style Steps for a Perfect Manicure. But can’t we do a better style of manicure without using all these tools? The Answer is yes; Home Manicure is simple yet very effective as we will not include any types of chemicals or rough and tough ways. Therefore, let us learn the simple ways for each and every kind of problem.

Home Manicure for Yellow Stains:

The yellow stains on the Nails are mainly due to the Nail Colors that we wear. We just don’t leave them air free for a single day, dressed in the color that suits our dress. It may give our nails an appalling condition which results in Yellow stains. Yellow stains on our Nails indicate that our Nails are not that healthy. Therefore, taking care of them is our responsibility. Hence, follow the Home Manicure that slowly controls the Yellow stains.

yellow stains image


The Process available here is not a complete Manicure. But, it will resemble the Manicure Process and helps us to remove the stains.

  • Take a bowl half filled with Lemon Juice.
  • Dip the fingers into the Lemon Juice and soak the Nails for 10-15 minutes.
  • As the Lemon act as an astringent, it decolorizes the stains on the Nails.
  • The acidic property of Lemon Juice will effect the yellow stains.
  • After 15 Minutes,  take a brush and scrub the yellow Stains. The nails will slowly lose their color if we brush them for a while.
  • The Lemon Juice has a property of drying our hands. Therefore, apply some moisturizer to get back the lost moisture.

Not only this Ingredient, but there are also many other ingredients that will remove the yellow stains on our Nails. They are as follows.

  • Hydrogen peroxide.
  • Baking Soda.
  • Whitening Toothpaste.
  • Denture Cleaning Tablets.
  • Tea tree oil.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar.
  • Listerine.
  • Orange Peel.
  • Juniper Berries.

Therefore, use them to make your Nails as pretty as they look. The Process may be same as that of the above process. So, it is better to use the method that you are comfortable.

Home Manicure for Darkness around the Nails:

The Darkness around our nails and Finger Joints is the most common Problem that most of us are familiar with. But, do you know how to cure this issue with Home Manicure? Let us know the Process of Manicure at Home for this Darkness around Nails and Finger Joints.

hand scrub image




Many ingredients can naturally lighten the color around the Nails. Let us look at the ingredients list and know the best among them. Along with that, know the Process of Home Manicure for Darker Finger Joints. The following are the list that comes under that list

  • Milk Cream and Turmeric powder.
  • Moisturization with Oil
  • Sugar and Olive Oil Scrub.
  • Lemon and Sugar Scrub.

These are the most popular ways by which we can Lighten our Finger Joints and skin around the Nails. Hence, follow the steps to get the perfect results.

  • Exfoliation or Scrubbing the best way to remove the tan. Exfoliation makes our skin brighter and Smoother.
  • Honey is another ingredient that helps us to avoid Wrinkles.
  • Take two tablespoons full of Honey in a bowl.
  • Add Some Lemon Juice along with a tablespoon full of Sugar.
  • Mix all of these three ingredients well.
  • Apply this mixture on the Finger Joints and gently Massage the Fingers.
  • Rub the hands for at least 5 Minutes and leave the hands like that for some time.
  • The contents of Vitamin C in Lemon, the Glycolic acid in the sugar will soak into the skin making our skin Lighter and smoother.
  • Later clean the hands with water and dry them for a while.
  • Apply some Moisturizer to avoid dryness issues.

Follow these steps to avoid wrinkles at the Finger Joints and darkness around the Nails. Therefore, all other Ingredients also work better for this Problem. But, Lemon and Sugar Scrub is the best among all others.

Home Manicure for Ingrown Nails:

For most of the People, on one or the other day, these Ingrown Nails create a lot of Pain. When something hits that nails, the pain we sense is unbearable. Some People may don’t know this concept. But the individuals who experience this problem will feel relaxed after knowing this Home Manicure Procedure. In this case, the Nail grows deep into the Side skin creating Swelling and Pain. In some cases, this pain is due to storage of Dirt, while all other cases are because of the nails growth in horizontal Direction. The following are the available ways using which we can remove this Ingrown nails.

Cut the Ingrown Nail image

  1. Visit a Spa.
  2. Consulting a Doctor.
  3. Home Manicure.

Among the above three option, the cheapest and the easiest way is to make a simple yet useful Manicure at Home.

  • Take a bowl full of Warm water adding Lemon or Salt in it.
  • Soak your hands in that Bowl for at least 10 Minutes.
  • The nails and its edges will become smoother to mold them as we like.
  • After that, take the Tweezer and raise the Nail slightly up.
  • Remove the Extra Nail using a Nail Cutter and trim that Nail Properly and equally with other the rest of the Nail.
  • By doing so, we can avoid uneven growth of Nails or Ingrown Nails.

Therefore, avoid the Pain of ingrown nails by doing this type of Manicure and even Pedicure for the Ingrown Toe Nails in the same way. So, try this for both finger Nails and Toenails too.

Home Manicure for Dead Keratin removal:

Keratin is a fibrous Structural Proteins. This Keratin Protect the Epithelial Cells from Damage and Stress. Our Hair is also rich in keratin Contents. Keratin is nothing but dead cells. In fact, nails are nothing but a modification of hair. The reason behind no pain while cutting a Nail is because they are dead cells. Therefore, to remove the dead keratin follow some simple a simple Home Manicure as follows.

beautiful nails image

  • Dip your hands in a bowl of warm water and stay like that for at least 10 Minutes.
  • After some time remove the hands and dry them off by patting with a Towel.
  • Take a Nail cutter and remove the extras and also using the necessary tool try to remove the damaged Cuticles.
  • After the removal of these Cuticles, apply some Moisturizer.

This process is standard for a Home Manicure. Therefore, let us fight all those Nail Problem using this Manicure Processes.

Finally, learning these simple Household-style of Manicures and scrubs will help you to avoid the problems of Yellow Stains, Ingrown Nails and Darkness around the nails and at Finger joints. So, instead of going to a Salon and paying them we can Polish our Nails. Therefore, treat your hands with a Proper Manicure Process from the above Processes. Hope this article helps you to solve all your Nail Problem and give you a solution for a Manicure Process at Home.


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