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Best & Super Healthy Food for Pregnant Women

Best & Super Healthy Food for Pregnant Women
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A period of nine months is precious for any women. Those days will be the best days of life. As well as these days are the difficult days for women because this period includes your health as well your baby’s health. In this time, you should take care of your health. The essential thing you can do at the time of pregnancy is, having healthy food. Then don’t you want to the Healthy food for pregnant women.

Healthy Food for Pregnant Women

Do you want a healthy baby? Then you should take care of yourself as well as your baby. But the question is what to eat in pregnancy? Here is the solution for your question. In this article, you can get the complete information of foods to eat during the period of pregnancy. So look at the healthy food for pregnant women.

Diet for Pregnant Women
Diet for Pregnant Women

Most of the people think healthy food is helpful only at the time delivery. It’s not true. Food and exercises are the basic things to have a healthy body after delivery. But to have a healthy baby you need to have healthy food. Whatever the weight you get after delivery, you will be happy if you have a healthy baby in your arms. So look at the healthy food for pregnant women as well as for post pregnancy.

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What are the basic foods to have at the time of pregnancy?
  • Milk & Dairy Products.
  • Whole Grains.
  • Walnuts.
  • Vegetables.
  • Fruits.
  • Eggs.
  • Beans.
  • Fish & Meat.
  • Protein foods.

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Is it necessary to have proteins in pregnancy?

When you say “I am pregnant,” the common suggestion you get is, eat a lot of proteins to have a healthy baby. But the question is what is meant by protein foods and what foods include protein. Is this possible to have proteins in our daily food? And more. You will raise a lot of questions for the word protein. And you will feel bad if you don’t get the proper answer for this. Don’t worry!!! Here is the answer for your questions. Just look at the following foods which include a lot of proteins in your budget.

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Milk & Dairy Products

The Milk and Dairy Products are rich contents in calcium, protein and Vitamin B12. Lactose is the main sugar present in the milk and other dairy products. It’s good to limit junk food and cool drinks hence they have lots of calories. Dairy Product, A Healthy Food for Pregnant Women.

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They may not contain many nutrients. The pregnant woman needs more calories when compare to normal. So, many doctors suggesting to intake the milk daily for twice. The Dairy Products helps the unborn baby developing bones properly.

Benefits of Milk & Dairy Products for Pregnant Women
Benefits of Milk & Dairy Products for Pregnant Women
Greek Yogurt

Greek Yogurt, a type of the yogurt which has twice the proteins of regular yogurt. It is one of the favorite foods of Pregnant Women, and most of them may even prefer to eat. It is a great resource of the calcium. Calcium is vital nutrition for the pregnant bones and helps to keep your bones intact. The pregnant lady has to share each eating with the baby child without losing her own health.

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Whole Grains

Whole Grains are vital in pregnancy since they contain lots of fiber and nutrients. These also include vitamin E, selenium, & phytonutrients, the plant compounds. The Plant compounds can protect our cells, i.e., blood cells against the diseases. Naturally, these are lagging in the taste but the advantage with the whole grains is easy to cook and time-saving.

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Whole Grains for Pregnant Women Health
Whole Grains for Pregnant Women Health

Whole Grains such as Oats, Popcorn, etc. Hence the natural grains growing in the fields and these are the entire seed of a plant. Whole Grains are the richest resources of Calcium, Proteins, Iron, Magnesium, Thiamin, Selenium, Calories, Vitamins, Folate, Potassium, Fiber, etc. All the factors can help the child and mother for energy boosting as well as to prevent from various diseases.


Walnuts are the best foods which help for the baby growth. The Walnuts contain omega 3 fatty acids and protein which helps in brain and eyelid development for the unborn child. It also helps in lowering the bad cholesterol level by increasing the good cholesterol levels. Having four to five walnuts in a day is good for your health as well as your baby’s health. Remember that you should not peel off the skin of the walnut.

As you know, you will get sickness at postpartum, if you want to be strong after delivery also, you should consume walnuts daily. This fitness will help you to be strong even after pregnancy. As a result, you can take good care of your baby by having Healthy Food for Pregnant Women.


To get a variety of nutrients, you should eat colorful foods. The vegetables are plenty of the nutrients, which are important for pregnant ladies oral health. The vegetables are good for both health: Mother and Child. The Raw Vegetables are one of the things you must put in the food chart during pregnancy.

Improve Pregnant Health with Vegetables
Improve Pregnant Health with Vegetables


Which are Fruits good During Pregnancy?

Fruits are good for the Pregnant Ladies. These are the natural foods; you must take as a diet during pregnancy. Vitamin C present in the fruits can provide the nutrients such as the beta-carotene. This Beta Carotene helps in developing the tissue & cell development while laying the foundation for a stronger immune system. The vitamin C present in fruits is vital for the progress of teeth & bones, while folic acid helps prevent the fetal growth defects.

List of Fruits that are good during Pregnancy:


Rich in Vitamin A, D, E, and Zinc. Enhances the immunity & strength of both Mother & baby. If a pregnant lady can take the apples during pregnancy, reduces the risk of asthma & eczema in the baby in his later stages of life.

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If you are one of the Women who craving about the Mangoes, suggested to take them. Mango contains Vitamin C, which is used to regulate the digestion and also relieve from the infections.


One of the healthiest foods during pregnancy which contain vitamin C, B6, potassium, magnesium, and folate. These can regulate the sodium levels, protect you from the possible attacks of stroke.


To fight infections during pregnancy, the vitamin C is necessary. These packed with Melatonin which is a powerful antioxidant hormone. It helps in stimulating the growth of cell while belly stretches during the pregnancy.


Apricots are the tasty fruits, which contains Vitamin A, C, E, Silicon, Beta Carotene, Phosphorus, Calcium, Iron, and Potassium. Also, rich in Iron which prevents anemia and helps to the healthy development of your baby.

Which Fruits are good During Pregnancy
Which Fruits are good During Pregnancy

Grapes contains vitamins in rich amount. It contains glucose, fructose, malic acids and vitamins like B1, B2, B6, B12 in essential quantity. Having grapes during pregnancy will give essential iron to the women as well as helps in healthy growth of the baby.


Guava is most common food which is available at the local market. It contains vitamin C in a rich amount which is very helpful for the baby growth. The other vitamins and enzymes of guava will maintain the blood pressure at an optimal stage by maintaining the proper immune system. If you are suffering from digestion problem, you can add guava in your diet.


Kiwi is the fruit which is helpful to maintain your weight. It contains Vitamin C, E, A, Potassium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Folic Acid and dietary fiber in rich amount. Kiwi Fruit also helps to maintain your respiratory system. If you eat fruit regularly, you will get less effect from cold, cough.


Strawberries contain manganese and potassium which help to build strong bones to your baby. Having strawberries in your regular diet gives high folate content like mangoes.


Watermelon is the one the tasty fruits that contain Vitamin A, C, B6, Magnesium, and Potassium in rich amount. It is fruit loaded with minerals. If you are feeling queasy in the morning, you can have watermelon. It is an additional food to your diet.


Eggs come under the category of Super Foods. The egg is a rich source of incredible nutrients and contains minerals, proteins, fats, and vitamin A, D. Coming to the Benefits of Eggs; there is the wide range of advantages. Also, consider the size and some other factors while choosing the eggs.

Eggs gives more Proteins for Pregnant
Eggs gives more Proteins for Pregnant
Benefits of eating Eggs
  • Rich in Proteins, so that helps every cell of the developing fetus.
  • The Omega 3 fatty acids and choline present in eggs support for the brain development of the child.
  • If your blood cholesterol level is normal, consuming one/ two eggs a day can balance the saturated fatty levels.
  • Usually, an egg contains nearly 70 calories. These will help to meet some requirement of the pregnant women.


Good Diet during Pregnancy, an outstanding care you must take. The Beans contains fiber and proteins. Proteins, Healthy Food for Pregnant Women – play a major role in the pregnancy time.

Navy beans, lentils, black beans, pinto beans, chickpeas… there are so many to choose from. “Beans contain the most fiber and protein of all the vegetables,” says Ward. Proteins play a vital role in pregnancy as it helps in the development of your baby. Often, moms-to-be indulge in kidney beans during their second and third trimesters as it would offer all essential nutrients to the baby and helps the baby to grow at a rapid pace.

Advantages with the Kidney Beans during Pregnancy
  • Increases Iron Content: Your body needs more iron to build red blood cells of your growing baby.
  • Contains Amino Acids: Kidney beans contain about 8 essential amino acids that can prepare protein in your body.
  • Rich In Antioxidants: The anthocyanins or natural antioxidants present in these beans are helpful for the skin of both you and your baby.
  • Eliminates Bile Acids: Kidney beans have the ability to synthesize the cholesterol levels.
  • Flushes The Sulfites: Kidney beans contain good levels of a trace mineral known as molybdenum, which is a major component of sulfite oxidase enzyme that helps in detoxifying the sulfite.
  • Contains Copper: Copper found in the kidney beans is highly helpful to enhance the enzymatic activity in your body.
  • Boosts Energy: It relieves fatigue by relaxing blood vessels, nerves, and the muscles.

Meat – A healthy food for Pregnant Women

For non-vegetarians, it is good news. Since they can have their favorite in the diet. Meat contains essential proteins which will give energy to you as well for your unborn child.

Meat For Pregnant Women

Iron is the key element for the pregnant women. Most of the people will suffer from low iron. For those people consuming meat is good. Beef and pork are the protein-rich foods which include iron, other B-Vitamins.

For those who can eat red meat regularly which have sufficient amount of iron in their diet. Because, another diet cannot fulfill these required amounts of iron which is essential for them.

While eating the meat, you need to be very careful since it can lead the side effects. So instead of this, you can eat walnuts, full protein foods which give the same energy as meat.

Can I eat Fish during Pregnancy?

Is it good to eat fish while I’m pregnant?

A common question for many pregnant ladies. The answer is here. Yes, eating fish and meat will give you necessary proteins and calories. Since fish is an excellent resource of the High-Quality Proteins and minerals. Many Studies have proved that the array of nutrients in the fish are important for the baby’s fast development.

Seafood is the best food to eat at the time of pregnancy. Fish liver oil contains essential proteins which help to have a healthy baby. Always take Healthy Food for Pregnant Women in suffient amounts.

Though fish is good for pregnant, you should avoid some non-smokers fish like tuna, Oily fish, etc. You should eat shark during pregnancy because it can lead to health problems. And moreover, don’t eat raw fish which can lead to food poisoning.

Is it good have Berries for Healthy baby?

Berries are the food which is loved by the pregnants. At the early stages of pregnancy, women naturally became weak. Most important thing one must remember is washing fruits before eating. Try to consume organic berries to avoid the pesticides and chemicals.

Berries for Pregnant
Berries for Pregnant

More Tips for having Healthy Mother & Baby

The pregnant ladies need to take the foods that can help to keep both mother and baby healthy. During Pregnancy, there are plenty of foods that women must control and avoid to eat. Also, they need to follow Healthy Food for Pregnant Women & some more other tips to be Healthy during Pregnancy.

  • Make yourself hydrated. Hydration is the basic food for anyone especially for pregnant.
  • Drink eight to ten glasses of water so that you cannot feel drowsiness.
  • Take the foods that are rich in Fiber.
  • Try to eat healthy snacks rather than junk food.
  • Breakfast will help you to be happy for the whole day. So, don’t forget to take the breakfast every day.
  • Consume more prenatal vitamins, iron, folic acid foods.
  • Maintain the healthy food diet.


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