The one feeling which irritates us early in the morning after a very Lustrous Drunken Night is Hangover. It not only irritates us but also creates a hectic Pain all over the head. If such a case, everyone will think of Hangover Relief Tips.

Don’t you feel the need of the quick Hangover Cures? Why not? Everyone who suffers from Hangover Headache should know the Best Home Remedies for Hangovers. There are many types of Hangovers. We just have no idea about some hangovers as we just neglect such situations in our life.

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The following are the ways and Types of Hangovers that we may usually Prone to, they are:

  1. Fast Foods
  2. NetFlix.
  3. Exercise.
  4. Sleep.
  5. Videogame.
  6. Weed.
  7. Vacation.
  8. Sober.
  9. Date.
  10. Paper.
  11. Study.
  12. And Finally the Alcohol Hangover.

But we just hardly notice the Hangovers of all these Types. But the one we mentioned, at last, is the familiar form of a hangover and we cannot even handle the Pain and Frustration of it. Therefore, Let us first know the Symptoms and Causes of Hangover. Also, with this Tips we provide you the best and quick ways for Hangover relief. Therefore, learn the Remedies and Tips to get over a hangover

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Proven Tips for Hangover relief

Most of us treat this headache as a very complicated thing as hangover cause gives us lots of Pain and annoyance. But, it is not that difficult to deal with the hangover. We can use some simple home remedies which give us instant Hangover relief. As we saw the above types, they have nothing to deal with this problem.

The Symptoms and causes of each and every hangover Types are different. But, we cannot attempt these Home Remedies or Tips provided here for alcohol hangover for other Types. Therefore, try to know the Causes and Symptoms of this Alcohol Hangover to avoid the confusion. Firstly, we provide the causes available right below and later the Symptoms in this article.

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Causes of Hangover:

The primary reason behind the Hangover is over consumption of Alcohol. The Maximum Existence time of Hangover is from few hours to a complete day. There are lot many symptoms which you can learn below in detail. We don’t even have a proper idea on what causes Hangover.

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The primary causes of the Alcohol Hangover are available right below. Try to note them and know why the Hangover makes you that annoying.

  • Acetaldehyde Accumulation.
  • Changes in the immune system and glucose metabolism.
  • Dehydration.
  • Metabolic acidosis.
  • Disturbed prostaglandin synthesis.
  • Increased cardiac output.
  • Vasodilation.
  • Sleep deprivation and malnutrition.
  • Congeners in alcoholic beverages is also a primary cause for Hangover.

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These terms may sound Difficult for us to understand. But, the major causes of the Hangover Cramps are the above list. Now, let us learn what is the importance of each and every term and later go for Hangover Relief Tips.

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Acetaldehyde Accumulation:

A product of Alcohol metabolism called acetaldehyde, which is a toxin, produces when alcohol in the liver break down. An Enzyme, Alcohol Dehydrogenase breaks the alcohol in the liver producing acetaldehyde. Acetaldehyde dehydrogenase attacks the acetaldehyde again and produces glutathione. The Glutathione which is stored in liver run out quickly when we consume large amounts of alcohol. Therefore, acetaldehyde builds in our body because of excess production of glutathione in the liver. So, these toxins stay in our body for longer period causing this hangover.

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Changes in the immune system and glucose metabolism:

When we consume lots of alcohol more than the amount our body can tolerate, we can observe some immune system changes in our body. There may also is a slight change in Glucose Metabolism which we cannot observe with our naked eyes. But these changes will result in Hangover for that particular person. Using Hangover Relief Remedies, you can overcome this Problem.


Drinking alcohol in large amounts causes dehydration. It happens so because Alcohol inhibits Anti-diuretic hormone (ADH). ADH has a property of maintaining a constant level in the body. This Property makes the person pee out all the water in our body causing dehydration. Along with the urination, we also lose some essential salts. Therefore, dehydration is also a cause of this dehydration. Hangover Relief Remedies will help you out in such situations.


Metabolic acidosis:

We just smile at the people who suffer from the hangover as they behave in a weird way. All the Metabolic activities in the body change. The changes are in such a way that they have no idea about what they are doing. The proof for this study is from the Pilots and Drivers. When these people are in a hangover, the Risk of Accidents increases. Therefore, don’t drive when you drink is the old Slogan. The new one is that Don’t Drive with a hangover. Hope you understand our intention.

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Along with water, ethanol, Alcohol contains another component called  Congeners. Congeners come with the flavor or due to the fermentation and Aging Process of Wine. The primary cause of a hangover is Ethanol, while congeners will aggravate Hangover and some other additional symptoms. Amines, Amides, acetaldehydes and many more substances include in Congeners. All of these Substances are not Toxic. Vodka has fewer amounts of Congeners when compared to  Bourbon.


Some Personal issues:

Some factors will influence the Hangover Severity. These factors include genital, health status, personality, age, and sex. Along with drinking some also go with Smoking, drugs. All these come under other factors that affect the levels of hangover Symptoms. Among all these factors, the most important among them are

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  • Smoking.
  • Age.
  • Gender.
  • Genetics.

Therefore, not only the components in the alcohol gives us that hangover. There may be many other issues which deal with it. We may list this word stamina while a group of people drinks. Some may feel dizzy drinking a glass of alcohol while others may have the capacity to drink a complete bottle.

There are many other causes due to which we undergo Hangover and seek for Hangover Relief Tips. But, let us now learn about the Symptoms of  Hangover. These symptoms are simple, and most of us have an idea about them. Once again have a glance on the symptoms.

Symptoms of Hangover:

Sometimes, we many drink a lot of alcohol at night and regret in the mornings. The regret is just because of this Hangover. Hangover causes many irritative symptoms that may prevail for another entire day. The Symptoms of a hangover are simple to identify yet very difficult to manage.  The following are the Alcohol Hangover Symptoms one should know. After identifying them, try to follow the Hangover Relief Tips below. Hence, look at those Symptoms first and if you find these behavioral symptoms then follow those Remedies.

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  • Dizziness.
  • Decreased ability to concentrate.
  • Fatigue and weakness
  • Headaches and Muscle ache
  • Increased sensitivity to Sound and light.
  • Mood disturbances, such as depression, anxiety, and irritability
  • Nausea, vomiting or stomach pain.
  • Poor or decreased sleep.
  • Rapid heartbeat.
  • Shakiness.
  • Thirst.

These are the most common symptoms of a hangover.  We can find these in a person who had drunk a lot in the night and suffering from this Hangover. As we now learned the causes and Symptoms of this Hangover, let us step into our topic Hangover Relief Remedies. Hence, check the following Home remedies which we can do on our own.

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Home remedies- Quick relief from Hangover

There are some Home remedies that we all commonly know which works instantly on our body. Along with them, they are some other tips that will quickly wash out the Dizziness and makes you active all over again. Therefore, check the following Ingredients and the Procedure to follow and avoid Hangover Quicker that ever. The Components are listed below, have a glance.



  1. Bananas.
  2. Butter Milk.
  3. Coffee.
  4. Oil Pulling.
  5. Ginger.
  6. Honey.
  7. Ice Compression.
  8. Lemon.
  9. Peppermint.
  10. Sports Drink.

These are the Ingredients using which we can Control our Hangover irritation. Therefore, Along with the ingredients, we provide you the best way using which one can get the better result. Hence, check the Process and follow them exactly.

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That Yellow Fruit which controls our Hangover Headache is Banana. When you feel that you suffer from Hangover, instead of sitting idle holding your head, try this fruit. Eating it the way it is, is more than enough to control the symptoms of Hangover. The One who wants instant hangover relief can prefer this Fruit as an excellent Home Remedy for Hangover.  This Banana turns as a good Backup for Vitamins and Minerals regain. Therefore, have one or two bananas after a dizzy, lustrous Champagne Nights.

Butter Milk:

Do you still feel the problem of a hangover after the late night parties? Don’t you know how to avoid that pain and Dizziness? The simple yet effective way of overcoming this problem is buttermilk. Even after consumption of Alcohol, the first thing that we should do after reaching Home is having a Full Glass of Butter Milk. It will pacify the alcohol contents in our body. Not only in the nights, but also the next morning, have one or two glasses of Butter Milk. Try to consume more liquids to regain the lost salts in the form of urination. This ingredient is one of the Best Hangover Relief Tips.


Some People prefer Coffee to overcome the Stress Headaches. And some love to drink coffee regularly, and if they miss drinking coffee a day, there is a chance of getting Headache. In one or the other case, directly or indirectly Coffee deals with the headache problems. Therefore, having a Cup of Coffee is a magnificent idea. But, while the people with the hangover should follow appropriate steps to control a headache & other problems. In the early morning, after a party, start your day with lots of water. After that, have some coffee and again drink lots of Water. After some time, again drink Water and do this process until you feel that a headache flew away.

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Oil Pulling:

Oil Pulling is another way using which we can avoid a hangover. Keep in mind that when you drink more than the regular quantity, do the oil pulling. Not only that, but Oil Pulling will also clean your teeth. Oil Pulling will add the lost minerals in our body. The Foods and drinks we suggest here will have the same effect on our body and our Mineral Levels. Therefore, doing this regularly will also decrease the risk of attaining Health Problems. Oil Pulling is another most popular thing that gives us Hangover Relief.


In our Traditional and Ayurvedic Medicines, we keep on using a Root that has many Medicinal Benefits. This one ingredient which makes our recipes delicious is our Ginger. It belongs to the Cardamom and Turmeric family. Therefore, this ingredient has good capacity to overcome any disease. As we know that we also use ginger in many medicines because of its medicinal properties, in the same way, we use it for Hangover. In the same way, we use Ginger for hangover relief. We cannot eat that directly, neither making Ginger tea is the best Option. Hence, cut the Ginger into slices and add them to boiling water. After some time, strain the Tea and Drink that. By doing so, we can get relief from Hangover.


There is a belief that after consuming lots of alcohol, eating Sweet contents will, even more, increase the drowsiness. But many types of research have proved that eating honey after drinking Alcohol will give Hangover Relief. Therefore, we have to consume honey to avoid Headaches, body pains of a hangover and prevent sickness. If you have interested, then have a toast with honey after returning home. If not Possible at least have that Toast in the morning. Honey will bring back the energy sufficient to sustain all the pains. So, try to follow this simple Tip to prevent Hangover.

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Ice Compression:

It is the easiest way to control the Hangover Pains. We all know this well as we prefer applying Ice Pack for the pains. Keeping Cool things over affected area will control the Pains. It may not give you complete relief but, Ice Compression is the best way which slows down the process of swelling too. So, the people who are suffering from Hangover can use this Ice Compression technique to get relief from Headache. Therefore, just take a cloth and add some ice cubes in it and gently press the areas where you feel the pain. By doing so, we can relax avoiding hangover headaches. It is a Hangover Relief Technique that removes the pains.

home remedies for hangover


Here comes the Hero, which can control the Hangover faster, i.e., Lemon. We can consume these Lemons in the way we are comfortable. Still, it will control the Hangover pains. When we consume a lot of Alcohol, the body PH level will change. It causes us all these hangover symptoms. Lemon Juice will better the PH level instantly and better the Position of the person with hangover symptoms. It is because of the increase in alkaline levels. Also, we can replace the body fluids with fresh juices and teas which deplete while we consume Alcohol as it has dehydration behavior consumed during drinking sessions, as alcohol dehydrates you. Lemon is one of the most famous hangovers Relief method.


Peppermint is another way that allows us to lose the feeling of fatigue faster. It has a strong flavor which awoke us and also provides us with the minerals required. We can use this Peppermint for not only this hangover, but also we use the Peppermint for Digestion problem too. Having a Cup of Peppermint Tea daily will avoid indigestion Problems. Therefore, prepare a cup of Peppermint Tea in the morning and keep away the hangover. Boil a Cup of water and add a tablespoon full of Peppermint to this water. Boil the water for few more minutes and strain the tea into a mug. Drink that in the morning of a hangover day.

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Sports Drink:

When we undergo urination and Excessive Sweating, we will lose some Electrolytes and salts from our body. This case mostly occurs when we consume Alcohol in more amounts. Therefore, try to drink Sports drink which gives you back the required electrolytes and salts. Sports drinks are rich in these components. The same thing happens for the Sports people. Therefore, they too consume these Electrolyte-rich drink to avoid Fatigue and Dizziness while they play. Therefore, having one drink in the morning is another great Hangover Relief Technique.


Foods and Drinks to Avoid to get Hangover Relief:

Till now, we have seen the foods that break our Hangover. But now, let us know the foods and drinks that we don’t want to consume while we are suffering from Hangover. Try to avoid the Foods and Drinks list available below. Avoiding these foods will at least stops the worsening of those Symptoms.

  • Greasy Foods.
  • Hair of the dog.
  • Simple Sugars.
  • Activated Charcoal.
  • Herbal Hangover Pills.
  • Fish oil.

These are the foods that we should avoid when we suffer from a hangover. Following a proper diet and on the mornings after you drink go for plenty of Fluids that help us to avoid these Hangover cramps. Therefore, follow the Foods and drinks list that we suggested above to get hangover relief. Hope all the alcohol lovers got the answer for their Hangover agony.


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