Platelets are crucial in blood. These thrombocytes or platelets will help you to clot the blood when you are wounded. If you have low platelet count, there is a chance of losing too much blood. Not only for the blood clotting, but low platelet count will also lead to many diseases. There is a medicine to cure this problem. But natural treatment is better for any health issue. In this natural treatment, foods can be included. So look at the foods to increase platelet count naturally at home.

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What is Platelet?

Platelets are also known as thrombocytes. Platelet is a type of blood cell which helps us to stop bleeding by clumping and clotting blood vessel injuries. A platelet no cell nucleus. Having low platelet count is known as Thrombocytopenia. A normal person will have 150,000 to 450,000 platelets for microliter of blood.

How to increase low Platelet count Naturally?

Nowadays, low platelet count is a common problem for the people. Though it low blood plates a common problem as well as a serious issue. Low Platelet count will lead various serious health concerns. The common health problem we are hearing is dengue fever. Dengue is a disease which occurs due to low thrombocyte count. There are various reasons to have the platelet count low.

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Reasons to have Low Platelet Count

  • Viruses.
  • Alcohol.
  • Genetics.
  • Medications.
  • Bacteria in Blood, etc.

home remedies for platelets

There are various causes for having low platelet count. But it doesn’t mean we will go for the professional treatment to increase the platelet count. Most of the people go for the saline, external blood, etc. Before going to this, think for a while “how to increase platelet count naturally?” So ask yourself “What to eat to increase platelets?” or “What to eat to increase platelet count?”

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If you have these questions, go to the following sections and find foods to increase platelets.

Foods to Increase Platelet Count

Most of the people are searching for the natural treatment for increasing the platelet count. For those, we have provided some foods to increase Platelet count naturally. So add these in the list of low platelet count diet.

  • Papaya.
  • Vitamin C.
  • Kiwi.
  • Indian Gooseberries.
  • Vitamin K.
  • Spinach.
  • Pumpkin.
  • Pomegranate

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Drink Papaya Leaf Extract to Increase Platelet Count

Papaya is one of the best and suggested fruit to increase the platelet count easily. Most of the doctors suggested drinking papaya leaf juice few times a day will quickly increase the platelet count. You may feel hard while drinking papaya leaf juice but if you want to get rid of low platelet count, easily you should papaya leaf juice. You can also eat papaya fruit with the juice.


  • Papaya Leaves.
papaya leaf extract to increase platelet count
papaya – A food to Increase Platelet Count

How to make Papaya Leaf Juice?

  • Take fresh leaves from the Papaya Tree, or you can also buy the leaves from any vendor.
  • Clean it and pour the water in the papaya leaves.
  • Boil the mixture for 10-15 minutes on medium heat.
  • Boil the content until it reduces to half of its volume.
  • Drink the juice twice a day for two to three days.

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You can eat papaya fruit and leaf extract to increase platelet count naturally.

Intake Vitamin C foods to improve Platelet Count

Vitamin C foods are considered as the treatment for low platelets. Vitamin C contains Ascorbic acids which are very helpful in increasing Platelet count. Regular usage of Vitamin C will increase the thrombocytes count as your body required. So intake the Vitamin C foods like Oranges, Lemons, and broccoli that are packed with Ascorbic acid.

Vitamin C contains antioxidants in generous amounts which help in increasing thrombocytes. Depending on your condition you need to take 400 to 2000 mg. Some studies state in taking of sufficient amount Vitamin C foods will Increase Plate count naturally.

Vitamin C as a food to Improve Platelet Count

Foods that contains Ascorbic acids:

  • Guavas.
  • Citrus Fruits.
  • Tropical Fruits.
  • Pepper.
  • Dark Green Leafy Vegetables.

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Kiwi Fruit – A diet to Increase Platelets

Fruits are the basic food to prevent us from various diseases. Dengue is one of those diseases. The lack of platelets is one of the reasons for dengue. So you can eat a lot of fruits to increase platelets.

Kiwi is a fruit containing almost 20 essential nutrients which help in increasing the platelet count naturally at home. The B6 Vitamin in Kiwi will help you to improve your immune system. It also helps you to get soft skin, bone development, etc. Taking Kiwi two to three times a day for 4 to 5 days is very beneficial to get an increase in platelet count.

Not only for the platelet count, but you can also use kiwi fruit as a treatment of other diseases. To maintain a healthy one should take Kiwi regularly.

Eat Kiwi to improve low Platelet Count


  • Kiwi.

Use Kiwi to increase the platelet count

  • Take fresh kiwi and prepare juice from it.
  • Drink fresh juice for two to three times for four to five days.

How to Increase Platelet Count in Blood Naturally using Indian Gooseberries?

A tasty and yummy fruit will give plenty of platelets. Doesn’t feel good? Of Course. Indian Gooseberries contains Vitamin C in rich amount. These vitamins will help you as a treatment of thrombocytopenia as well as improve the immune system. So you can add the Indian Gooseberries in the list of foods that increase platelet count.

Ayurvedic Medicine for Platelets

How Indian Gooseberries works to improve Blood Platelets?

  • Intake two to three Gooseberries on a stomach in the early morning.
  • You can also add honey to the gooseberries juice and drink it for 2 to 3 times.
  • Try homemade gooseberries pickle, and gooseberries sweet jam to increase the platelet count in the blood.

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Vitamin K Foods to Increase Platelet Count

Do you think, there is a diet to increase platelet count? Yes, Of course. You can foolow a diet to increase your platelet through a proper diet. People who want to increase platelet count can consume vitamin K rich foods. Vitamin K is needed for blood clotting. Vitamin K deficiency will lead to heart diseases, weakened bones, tooth decay, etc. Having sufficient amount of K Vitamin on your plate is good for health as well as it will also increase synthesis of bone proteins.

Not only this Vitamin K will keep the cell growth in at an optimal level. These Vitamin K foods will quickly increase the platelet count at an optimal stage. As decrease of platelet count will reduce the efficiency of blood clotting, vitamin K rich foods will improve the effectiveness of Blood clotting. As a result, you can increase the platelet count of your body. There are various foods which contain the Rich amount of Vitamin K. So have a look at the list and improve your thrombocytes.

List of foods that contains Vitamin K

  • Green Leafy Vegetables.
  • Natto.
  • Dried Basil.
  • Salad Vegetables(Spring Onions, etc.)
  • Cabbage.
  • Broccoli.
  • Brussels Sprouts
  • Asparagus.

Is Spinach really improve thrombocytes count?

How to increase platelets naturally? is the common question for all people. Most of the people are searching for the ways to increase platelet count. If you are also one of those candidates, then you can add spinach to the list of platelets increasing food.

Spinach is a green leafy vegetable which has many benefits. Nowadays, most of the people are suffering from eye problems. For those, spinach is an excellent medicine. As we are discussing Platelets, spinach is food which can quickly improve the platelet count. As you know, spinach will be easily available in the market. So you can add this spinach in the list of foods to increase platelet count.

Spinach a Food to Increase Platelet Count
Eat Spinach to Increase Platelet Count

Not only for platelet count, but spinach is also good for health. This will cure various health problems like

  • It is good for Eye Problems.
  • Spinach is good for Cancer. It works as an anti-cancer food.
  • You can eat spinach to lower the hypertension.
  • People having Gastrointestinal problem can consume spinach often, etc.

Can I eat Pumpkin to increase the Platelet Count?

Pumpkin is one of the fruits that helps to increase the low platelet count. The Vitamin A in the pumpkin will help you for the proper development of platelet count. It is one of the Platelet increasing Foods.


  • Pumpkin.
  • Honey.

How to prepare a pumpkin juice to increase the platelets in blood

  • Make a pumpkin juice.
  • Add a teaspoon of honey to two to three spoons of pumpkin juice.
  • Drink it for two to three times a day.

You can also add pumpkin to your diet. You can add pumpkin puree to soup, smoothies, etc.

Pomegranate as food to increase Platelets

Pomegranate is one of the foods to increase Platelet count. The red diamonds will help you to improve the platelet count in blood. The rich vitamins in Pomegranate will give additional strength. This fruit can combat the disease which lowers the platelet count.

Pomegranate to increase Platelet count
Pomegranate to increase Platelet count

You can eat the raw pomegranate, or you can also make the juice from it. Consume often to improve your immune system so that they can fight the bacteria and virus which can affect your health. These are the some foods to increase Platelet Count. We hope these foods will help you to improve the thrombocytes in your blood. So try these foods and a healthy life.


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