“Eyes are the Windows of the Soul.” So, the one with beautiful eyes can best express his/her inside thoughts well. From this, you can understand that it is important to take proper care of the eyes. The effective functioning of the eyes helps to have beautiful and healthy eyes. In the case of any improper diet and environmental conditions, your eyes may get allergies, dryness, irritation, etc. The dry eyes syndrome is one of the issues regarding the eyes. Here in this article, you will know the complete details about the dryness in eyes.

Causes and Symptoms of Dry Eyes Syndrome

The lack of sufficient lubrication and moisture on the surface of the eye causes dryness of the eyes. The symptoms may be okay for some days, but the constant eye irritation and the redness due to inflammation exist for an extended period. The other medical terms to describe the dry eyes syndrome are Keratitis sicca, Keratoconjunctivitis sicca, and Dysfunctional tear syndrome.

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A clear vision is possible only if the eyes are moist with a proper functioning of the retina. When you blink, a film of tears spread over the eyes to keep them smooth and wet. The tears are with three layers. Each layer has its importance in maintaining the health of the eyes.

Layers of Tears

  • An oily layer.
  • A watery layer.
  • A layer of mucus.
Dry Eyes SYndrome
The Tear Film

The oily layer

The outermost layer of the tear is the oily coat. This oily film protects the tear from evaporation and keeps it smooth. The meibomian glands produce the oily layer of the tear.

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The second layer

Water comes out of the eyes when you get emotional or when any foreign particle enter. This form of tears is the second layer of the smoothing film of the eyes.

The lacrimal glands present in the eyelids produces the second layer which is watery. This layer is responsible for cleaning the eyes from the foreign particles and dust.

Mucus layer

To maintain the eyes moisture always, the layer of mucus is in charge. In the absence of the mucus layer in tears, eyes cannot hold the tears on the surface. The conjunctiva produces the innermost mucus layer of the tears.

Hence the layers of the tears are responsible for the health of the eyes. If there is any malfunctioning of the glands that produce the layers, eyes cannot get the enough amount of moisture in them leading to dry eyes. The symptoms of the dry eyes are below.

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What are the Symptoms of the Dry Eyes Syndrome?

People with dry eyes have their eyes more watery than the usual condition. Because of the irritation of the dryness, the eyes responds quickly and produces more water than the normality. The sufferers of the dry eye condition, cannot open their eyes for a long time. They feel uncomfortable after watching television, computer or reading

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The symptoms that occur when you have dried eyes are the following.

Symptoms of Dry Eyes Syndrome
Symptoms of Dry Eyes Syndrome
  • You will have a burning sensation in the eyes.
  • Itchiness.
  • The presence of the mucus layers in and around the eyes.
  • Irritative feeling due to the exposure to smoke or wind.
  • An overflow of water from the eyes.
  • Feeling discomfort in wearing the contact lens.
  • Blurr vision.
  • Sensitive to light.

Who Gets the Problem of Dry Eyes Syndrome?

Factors that cause the dryness of the eye are the following. People with diabetes or any other health issues are at the margin of having dry eyes.

  • People above the age of 50.
  • Lack of vitamin A in your diet.
  • Decreased production of tears.
  • Environmental factors.
  • Wearing contact lens for more period.
  • Allergies.

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Dry Eyes Prevention

Your regular actions may be some of the reasons for dry eyes disease. So, it is important to know the habits of your’s that cause the eye dryness. Scroll down to see the list of your habitual actions that you should prevent.

Limit the Usage of Computer and Television

Prevent Dry Eyes Syndrome
A Cause for Dry Eyes Syndrome

People who work for long hours on computers experiences the symptoms of dry eye. While watching television or computers, people very rarely blink their eyes. This creates stress in the eyes leading to dryness of the eye. If there is a necessary to work for long hours on computers, use the eye lubricating oils.

Avoid Staying in Dry Environment

People whose eyes are dry should not stay in the dry environment. Irritation occurs in the eyes when the air is not moist.It also evaporates the moisture present in the eyes.

You also should avoid the devices like dryers, blowers, etc. As the drying devices provide dry air, keep yourself distant from them.

Reduce the intake of acidic foods

The acidic foods like tomatoes, tamarind, vinegar, etc. increase the dry eye symptoms. So, make a look at the foods you take to prevent the acidic foods.

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Stop smoking

Prevent dry eyes syndrome
Stop smoking

People who have a habit of smoking are more likely to get the dry eyes syndrome. So, stop smoking to get rid of dry eyes. Preventing smoking not only helps you avoid dryness of the eyes but also many other deadly diseases.

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Stay away from Air Conditioners

The cold air that the air conditioner produce is less moist than the healthy air. This may create a root for the increase of the signs of dry eyes. So, do not stay under Ac for long hours.

Home Remedies for Treating Dry Eyes

Till now we have learned the causes and symptoms of dry eyes. Now let us know how to treat severe dry eyes. You can treat the dry eyes syndrome with the assistance of the medical professional and also at home. First, we will see the list of home remedies for chronic dry eyes.

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Get relief from the dryness with cucumber

Cucumber is a watery vegetable. So, when you place the cucumber slices on your eyes, the eyes will be free from severe eye dryness.

Dry Eyes Syndrome
Cucumber for Dry eyes
  • Cut the cucumber into slices.
  • Close your eyes and place the slices of cucumber in them.
  • Have a peaceful sleep for some time.

Castor oil

When there is a meibomian gland’s dysfunction, you can use castor oil. The castor oil is an excellent remedy for treating dry eyes syndrome. It has a distinctive characteristic of retaining water. So, you can try this treatment for severe dry eye.

Treatment fo Dry Eyes Syndrome
Castor Oil for Dry eyes

Place a drop of the castor oil in your eyes. The castor oil acts as an oily layer of the tears that protects the eyes from foreign particles.

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Smoothen your eyes with lavender oil

The lavender oil is an effective home remedy for dry eyes syndrome. The oil of lavender gives the best smoothening effect. Mix few drops of lavender oil with one cup of water into a solution. Now dip a clean cloth in the solution and apply it on the eyes.

Hydrate your body with water

Dryness is mainly due to the lack of enough water in the body. Not only the skin gets dryness, the eyes too dry when you do not provide sufficient water for the body. So, it is important that you drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water per day.

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Blink your eyes

Treatment for Dry eyes syndrome
Blinking of eyes

In the early sections, you have seen that the eyes get moisture when you blink. But many people very often blinks the eyelids. This may be one of the reasons for dry eyes syndrome. So, keep blinking the eyes frequently to keep your eyes moist.

Nutritious diet

Intake of nutritious food cures any disease. You can treat the extreme dry eyes with the foods that contain essential fatty acids. The fatty acids that the eyes require for their proper functioning are omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

The foods that contain the omega fatty acids are the following. They are dry fruits and grains, including walnuts, sesame, grape seed, almonds, and whole grains. Also, include the following foods.

  • Turmeric.
  • Paprika.
  • Bilberry.
  • Mint.
  • Chamomile.

Keep your eyes cold with milk

Dry eyes Syndrome
Milk for Dry eyes

Dip a cotton ball either in rose water or cold milk. Apply it on your closed eyes. Let your eyes rest for about 10 minutes. This will allow the eyes to relax, thereby reducing strain.

Wear glasses to protect the eyes

Glasses or sunglasses like the wrap around shades help to prevent evaporation of tears. As they fit close to the face or they have the side shields they can also protect the eyes from dust and foreign particles.

Treat your dry eyes with Flaxseed oil

The dietary fatty acids present in the flaxseed oil provide many health benefits. They also are helpful for the severe dry eye treatment. Many other advantages like lowering the risk of heart disease and reducing the chronic inflammation. You can consume the flaxseed directly or can eat with fruits and drinks.

These are the different treatments for dry eyes syndrome. But when the symptoms increase and the severity of the disease is more, you need to have the medical care. In the below section you will get the types of medications for dry eyes.

Medication for Dry Eye Syndrome

Firstly before giving the medication for dry eyes, the doctors diagnose the situation of the eyes. The different types of diagnosing methods are the following.

Treatment for dry eyes
Schirmer’s Test
  • The doctor examines the external structure of the eye like the lid and the number of blinks.
  • He/she evaluates the eyelids and cornea with bright light and magnifications.
  • The quantity and quality of the tears for different conditions.
  • The doctor uses different dyes to observe the tear flow clearly. And also to highlight the changes in the outer surface of the eye due to the insufficient tears.
  • Checks the health history of the patient that may be a cause for the dry eye problem.

What is the best medicine for dry eyes?

After diagnosing the condition of the eyes of the patient, he finds out the symptoms. The priority is to find the underlying cause of dry eye. The Sjögren’s syndrome or lacrimal and meibomian gland dysfunction may also cause dry eyes syndrome. Depending on the underlying reason, the doctor suggests the medicine.


The cyclosporine is an anti-inflammatory medication. It is the one and only medicine given to treat the dry eyes. The medicine of cyclosporine decrease the symptoms of dry eye disease and increases the production of the tears. It also repairs the damage of the cornea.

Depending on the severity of the disease, the doctor suggests the dosage of the medicine. The duration of the dosage may be from three to six months.

Use of punctual plugs

One of the extreme dry eyes symptoms is the overflow of tears from the eyes. There is a drainage system which starts from eyes to the nose. This is the reason why you get water from the nose when you cry.

Treatment for Dry Eyes
Punctual plugs for dry eyes

The medical practitioner inserts the punctual plugs if there is a minimal production of tears in the eyes. The punctual plugs prevent the flow of water from eyes into the nose. This helps in retaining the tears and keeping the eyes moist.

The manufacture of punctual plugs is with silicon or collagen. These are a temporary measure. But in severe conditions, the doctors insert the permanent plugs with a small surgery.

Moisturizing the eyes with artificial tears

The primary therapy for dry eyes syndrome by the medical professional is the synthetic moisturizers for eyes. They suggest the drops, gels, gel inserts, and ointments. The artificial tears should be free from the preservatives if you have to apply them for more than four times a day. They should not create any side effects when put on the eyes.

What to do about Dry Eyes?

The dry eye may not permanently affect the vision, but there may be infections. So, the first and foremost thing you need to do when you observe the symptoms is to consult an optometrist. Take the best treatment for dry eyes syndrome and protect your eyes. Because Of all the senses, sight must be the most delightful.


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