Home Beauty Tips Control bad breath – Get rid of bad breath

Control bad breath – Get rid of bad breath

Control bad breath – Get rid of bad breath

How to control Bad Breath? It is the most common question that we cannot ask others for a suggestion. In some cases, We can accept blunders of our loved one in a single second. OMG…!!!! But this Bad Breath never make us accept that Stinky odor and sit near them.

Don’t you feel the same and make you face problems? Definitely yes. We can explain that to the people who are close to us. But, what about our Colleagues or Higher Authority if they smell Stinky??

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We can neither Explain them nor bear that. What if someone faces the same with ours? Not fair to blame others always. Therefore, Let us Control Bad Breath problems of our’s first. There are many Home remedies by which we may avoid those awkward situations.

There are some simple methods and Techniques by following which we can get rid of bad breath. So, let us learn them and prevent the bad odor that causes a negative vibe for others. First of all, Let us know the causes of Halitosis, the main reason behind bad breath.

Causes of Bad Breath

Bad Breath is because of many reasons like Tooth Decay, illness, and crash diet. Also, there are many grounds for that Stinky smell. If we know the causes, we can avoid such situations as well. Therefore, let us know each and every reason that gives us this Problem.

Conditions of Mouth, Nose, and Ears:

As we know, all these three are interrelated, affect on Nose, Eyes and Ears will also affect the Mouth. Whenever there is a Bacteria develops on the Tonsils, there is a maximum chance of Odor Problems. Throat Infection and Cold may produce odor in our mouth because of the bacteria.

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Crash diets:

Due to Diet Control or Fasting, we may face the Problems related to Halitosis. When fats break down, a chemical called ketones produces. Ketones have the strong aroma which may also cause Mouth Odor. Therefore, try to consume more water in such cases to avoid that odor. It will try to control Bad Breath.

Dry mouth:

Saliva is necessary to clean up your mouth. But, in some cases our mouth becomes dry. While our nose blocks, we may breathe with our Mouth causing Dryness in the mouth. Therefore, try to use drops to avoid this Problem and keep our mouth wet.

Also, consuming liquids frequently will wet your mouth. If we won’t drink water for more than an hour or two, Bad Breath is a common issue in such case. So, at least consume water every half an hour.

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Dental hygiene:

Oral health is vital for everyone to avoid these Odor Problems. Flossing and brushing are the most crucial tasks one should follow daily. Brushing will remove all those Small Particles that stick to the teeth; it is compulsory to brush twice a decay to avoid dental problems.

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Also, try to floss daily and compulsorily when we consume Non-veg items. Allotting time for oral care is also important. Therefore, by following this, we can also control Bad Breath.


Some conditions cause Halitosis like Cancers, Live Failure, and other Metabolic Diseases. As we already know that Medication is also a major reason behind Mouth Smell. Gastroesophageal reflux disease can also Cause Bad Breath because the acid reactions in our stomach release such bad breath from inside. Therefore, try to pacify those things by consuming Water.

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When we undergo certain Medication that affects our body in significant ways, saliva levels reduces and produce bad breath. Also, these Drugs will create odors while they react, breakdown and releasing chemicals in our breath. In Angina Treatment, Nitrates are used.

This Medicine produces bad odors. Therefore, in such cases, we cannot mostly avoid the odor problems. So, it is not an easy task to control Bad Breath. Even the people who consume Vitamin Supplements are also Prone to this Odor.


Eating few foods like raw onion and garlic may also produce Bad Breath.  Sometimes, the food particles will stick in between our teeth. This reason is the most common form of having Tooth Decay. Some Foods may produce gasses while they are digesting.

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This gasses will move from Digestive system to lungs causing breath odors. Hence, it is better to cleanse your teeth properly to control Bad Breath.

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Foreign body:

The Major cause behind bad breath, especially in children, is due to the lodging of Foreign bodies. These Foreign Bodies attack the oral cavity because of eating junk food, Chocolates or Milk and staying like that overnights. Therefore, this face is mostly seen in children.


Usually, smoking itself gives our mouth a bad odor. But, we can manage it using Chewing gum and other Fragrant Mouth sprays. It is not in the case of all the days. Consuming Tobacco Products for a longer period will damage your Gum. This Damage causes many Oral problems. Therefore, avoiding Tobacco is the best way to control Bad Breath.

These are the causes of Bad Breath among all age groups. There are no Symptoms for this Bad Breath. Therefore, let us learn how to get rid of bad breath.

How to Control Bad Breath

Many ways are using which we can get rid of Bad Breath. But here we have provided some proven remedies that give us control this issues. First of all, know the list of Home remedies using which you can avoid this awkward problem. Therefore, let us know the list of those ingredients and follow the best process.

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  1. All the Spices.
  2. Baking Soda.
  3. Parsley.
  4. Fenugreek.
  5. Tea Tree Oil.

Spice Family:

Eating Some Spices like Cinnamon, Cloves, and Fennel seeds will control Bad Breath. Mint will just control the Bad Breath for some time but never completely remove the Smell. But, cinnamon will completely avoid the Stinky odor by killing the bacteria which are the reason behind the bad odor. Also, Cinnamon will reduce body fat. In the same way, Clove has a strong taste.

That is the reason why it has many medicinal values too. Cloves are anti-fungal, antiseptic, and antimicrobial that kills bacteria that which cause bad breath. Using cloves as breath freshener is the best option and can do wonders with our health. Therefore, use this Spices to Control Bad Breath.

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Procedure to use Cinnamon:
  • Take some Cinnamon Sticks and make them into a fine powder.
  • In a cup of Water, add a tablespoon of cinnamon powder and mix well.
  • Boil this mixture for about 10 minutes.
  • You can also add some bay leaves and cardamom for better use.
  • Strain this solution properly and use this water to rinse the mouth.
  • Repeat this process twice a day to get rid of bad breath.

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Procedure to use Cloves:
  • Take 2 or 3 cloves, directly chew them and swallow it.
  • It is one method using which we can solve the problem of Stinky odor.
  • Another method of using Cloves is by making it a powder.
  • Mix them in water and boil them for 5-10 Minutes.
  • Gargle with that water to avoid bad breath.

Therefore, choose the best and the one you feel comfortable to use. Spices are one of the best ways to prevent the disturbing bad mouth odor.

Baking Soda:

Baking soda is nothing but bicarbonate of soda. It is an ingredient we popularly use in our Kitchen Cabinets. Along with the use of this component in Cooking variety of dishes, baking soda is the best remedy for many beauty issues. Mostly, we use baking soda for Teeth Whitening and also for oral hygiene. This Bad Breath problem will irritate others.

Using Baking Soda daily will pacify the acid levels and indirectly avoid bad breath. As the acid levels will cause bad mouth odors, pacifying it is very important. Baking soda works by balancing the levels of acid in the body. Therefore, let us learn how to use Baking Soda to control bad Breath. The process is as follows.

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  • Take Baking Soda and Honey and follow the process below.
  • Add a tablespoon of baking soda, honey in a glass.
  • Add a cup of water in a vessel and warm them for a while.
  • Pour this warm water in the Baking Soda and honey.
  • Have this Juice at least once a day.  For every alternate day, consuming this gives many benefits, mainly Avoid Bad Breath.
  • Go with fresh, green vegetables, pulses and grains. We should avoid Meat, Eggs, and raw onions while we consume this drink for better results.

Therefore, let us use this ingredient to avoid bad breath and also use this for many other purposes. Baking Soda has the properties to kill bacteria in the mouth. As our Mouth thrives with lot many taste and chemicals, there is a need for some aid. Hope baking soda is the best solution for such problems.

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The one problem which makes us stay away from them or make us awkward is bad Breath. We try many tips and even consult the doctors. But what if the basic things miss in your oral hygiene. It is impossible to attain fresh breath without following some basic Hygiene tips. Firstly, follow some home remedies to control Bad Breath. The one little leaf that we use for garnish is nothing but Parsley.

These leaves have strong flavors in Parsley which keeps the bacteria away. Consuming such foods will keep us away from the dentist as they also repair the tooth decay. So, it is better to handle this situation with this simple remedy. Therefore, those who want the best way to use parsley for Bad Breath can follow the below process.

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  • Get a bunch of ParsleyLeaves and clean the leaves completely.
  • Separate the Leaves from the Stems.
  • Dip those fresh leaves of Parsley in Vinegar.
  • Leave like that for one or two minutes.
  • Later remove the leaves and chew them for a minute or two thoroughly.

Follow this process for whenever required. Therefore, doing it regularly can keep us away from those awkward situations. The chlorophyll contents in the parsley leaves will neutralize those bad smells.


The Tiny seeds which are that bitter making us uncomfortable to consume them are Fenugreek Seeds. These Seeds acts as the best Home Remedy for Bad mouth odors. These seeds come from the plant Fenugreek. It controls all the inflammations inside and outside the body. These seeds have the power to solve digestion Problems and also Eating Disorders.

These seeds are Magical by helping us in many ways as above. But, we should properly use them in the form they are better for our body. Keeping them in water for 8-9 hours and consuming them makes those seeds work correctly. Also, consuming these seeds in the morning allows good hair growth and avoid Constipation problems.

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  • To prevent bad breath, use this Steps below with Fenugreek seeds.
  • Take one tablespoon of fenugreek seeds and add them to water.
  • After few minutes, keep this vessel on Stove and boil them for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • When you feel it is done, get the vessel away and strain the fenugreek tea.
  • Drink this Tea when the liquid is hot.
  • Consuming this tea on a regular basis is good for health. By doing so, we can gradually reduce bad breath.

Therefore, Drink the Tea and do not leave the Strained Seeds like that. You can also consume them by which we can get rid of many health issues. Therefore, these magical seeds will make you feel better after their consumption.

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Tea Tree Oil:

We may have listened to this most of the times in the Home Remedies for Pimples list. Tea Tree oil has many health benefits as well as Beauty benefits. By Knowing them, we have found that Tea Tree oil can destroy the bacteria and avoid the odor produced in the mouth. We can use this Oil for Acne, Hair, Cleansing, Psoriasis, Eczema and also in Deodorants.

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The one oil which makes us beautiful and healthy will also prevent the bad breath problem. So, let us try this Oil to control bad breath and also attain beautiful smile. Therefore, check the necessary steps that we should follow to use Tea Tree Oil.

  • Along with tea tree oil use Lemon and Peppermint oils.
  • Mix equal quantities of Lemon oil and Peppermint oil in the same Quantity of Tea Tree oil.
  • Mix these three oils properly and use it as the mouthwash.
  • We can also cool this oil Mixture and make it like cream.
  • Use that cream along with our Toothpaste.
  • We can also use Toothpaste with Tea Tree oil.

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This Tea Tree oil is the most useful Ingredient that helps us to control the Bad breath. Therefore, let us fight the Bad Breath using this magical oil.

 Tips to Reduce Bad Breath:

These are some simple tips that everyone should know to avoid the Halitosis stage. That is the reason why we provide you some Tips.

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Simple Tips:
  • Brush your teeth Properly, i.e., Twice a day to avoid food particles storage in between the teeth.
  • Use Dentures only in day times. Using them overnight gives you bad breath. Also, after using them try to brush them properly.
  • In some situations where you face the problem of Dryness in the mouth, try to use sugarless mints. Using those mints will stimulate saliva production.
  • Skipping meals and fasting will develop bacteria in our mouth. Therefore, try to eat the meals at proper times. In the time of fasting, try to drink plenty of water to avoid the bacteria growth.
  • As we all know that smoking causes many Gum Diseases and Infections, try to quit them. If you cannot control this habit, then you may suffer from this halitosis.
  • Some foods like raw onions, cabbage, and Non-veg causes bad breath. Therefore, try to avoid those foods. If in case, you ate them, then try to cleanse your mouth using Mouthwash liquids.
  • There is no direct effect of yoga and Exercises on the bad breath, but try to make a habit of doing them.
  • Visiting a doctor once a year is a must to avoid all these oral issues.

These are the tips and techniques that we should follow to reduce the problems of Stinky Smells. Also, proper hygiene for teeth plays a major role. Those who want to work on this issue can use those Procedures under Spices, Baking Soda, Parsley, Fenugreek, are Tea Tree Oil. Therefore, choose the better option which guides us to the proper destiny and control Bad Breath and awkward situation we face with that Problem. Hope, all these Tips will help you in overcoming this Bad Breath Problem.


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