Cold and Cough Home Remedies: Cold is an illness in the upper respiratory tract which is caused due to viruses. Whenever cold takes a route, cough also occurs which is difficult to cope. Cold has no permanent cure, but we have many ingredients in our home which can treat cold symptoms fastly. However, those ingredients work better than medicines in the store. Hence, get rid of your cold with these simple cold and cough home remedies.

home remedies for cough and cold
Cold infection

Severe Cold and Cough Home Remedies

Cold is a viral infection that can be transferred from one person to another. People having deprived immune system and lack of sufficient nutrients are prone to cold and cough infections. The symptoms of cold are a runny nose, mild fever, cough, sneezing, sore throat. Do you know how long does the common cold last? Usually, cold will get over within 7 to 10 days. But following these cold and cough home remedies can help to treat infections fastly.

If we didn’t treat a cold, it may turn to other infections like Bronchitis, Pneumonia. Therefore, one must cure a cold and cough initially. In the drug stores, many cold medicines are available but all are not suitable for all people. Since cold and cough occurs frequently, it’s better to use natural remedies rather than chemicals. Here we have mentioned the top 8 cold and cough home remedies and how to use them for treating a cold and cough.

The best solutions for the treatment of cold and cough are:

  1. Pepper milk.
  2. Steam treatment.
  3. Ginger Tea.
  4. Garlic.
  5. Basil leaves.
  6. Chicken Soup.
  7. Epsom Salt.
  8. Lemon, Cinnamon, and Honey.

Pepper milk – A cold and flu remedy

Whenever we get cold, the first advice given by our parents is Pepper milk. Pepper milk is the best homemade remedy for cold and cough relief. This hot milk will clear Phlegm and make you feel relaxed. The capsaicin present in pepper can soothe the mucus and helps to relieve nasal congestion. Also, it treats a sore throat that happens after you tired with a cough. For better results, add turmeric to the pepper milk. The anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric can prevent any other further infections. Drink this milk before going to bed, because it is the perfect time to clear stuffy nose fastly.

Ingredients Required:

  • A Glass of Milk.
  • 1 tbsp Pepper Powder.
  • Pinch of Turmeric Powder.
  • A spoon of Sugar or Honey according to your taste.
How to prepare Pepper Milk for Cold Treatment?
  1. First, take a glass of milk in a pan and boil it.
  2. Add the mentioned quantities of turmeric and pepper to the boiling milk.
  3. After, add either sugar or honey to the milk based on your taste.
  4. Drink this solution before going to bed.

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Inhale Steam to get rid of a cold fast

Why we get a cold and cough? When your immune system responds to various viruses, then you will get the symptoms of a cold. The best way to treat cold is you have to clear the nasal passages. Steam is the wonderful and instant treatment for cold and cough. While inhaling steam, you can also add essential oils to the hot water. What essential oils are good for cold sores? The oils like Eucalyptus oil, Tea Tree oil, Peppermint oil are the best choices. Because these oils consist of anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties. If these essential oils are not available to you, add a little amount of Zandubalm & Turmeric to the hot water.

Ingredients Required:

  • 5 or 10 drops of Essential oils.
  • Hot water bowl.
  • Towel.
Procedure to use steam for cold relief
  1. First, heat the water until steam comes out.
  2. Add essential oils to this hot water.
  3. Move your head near to the hot water bowl as close as possible.
  4. Cover your head with a towel to prevent steam going outside.
  5. Continue to inhale the steam until you get sweat.

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what medicine is good for a cold
Home remedies for cold and cough

Ginger Tea for Cold and Cough Cure

How to cure a cold and cough fast? Ginger tea is the best answer for this question. It helps to dry the running nose and removes phlegm from the respiratory system. The antiviral, anti-inflammatory properties of garlic treat the symptoms of a cold. Gingerol, a compound present in ginger cures cold and cough in two ways. Firstly, it reduces the mucous membranes inflammation which results in nasal congestion. The second way, ginger soothes the phlegm. Hence, ginger tea is considered as one of the best cold and cough home remedies.

Ingredients Required:

  • 6 tbsp of grated ginger.
  • Cinnamon.
  • Lemon Juice.
  • Honey.
  • Water.
  • Glass jar.
How to make ginger tea for cold and cough treatment?
  • Place the grated ginger into a boiling water and add a little amount of cinnamon powder.
  • Steep for about 30 minutes.
  • Cover the pan with a plate to prevent the essential oils evaporation.
  • Now the ginger tea is ready to sip.
  • Add lemon and honey to this ginger tea before you drink.
  • Drink this tea 3 times a day to get instant relief from cold.
  • For a runny nose cure, mix dry ginger powder, ghee, and jaggery.
  • Eat this mixture in the morning on an empty stomach daily.
  • You can also inhale the steam coming from this ginger tea.

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How to stop a cold fast with Garlic?

Another ingredient in the list of home remedies for cold and cough is Garlic. Usually, we add garlic in the recipe preparation for taste. But it also works great for treating running nose and stuffy nose. The compound named allicin present in garlic consists of anti-bacterial and antiviral properties. Besides, it also has antioxidants which protect you against cold and cough. This readily available home remedy is good for immune system by flushing out the toxins from the body. Therefore, it is one also an ingredient in the top list of cold and cough home remedies.

Ingredients Required:

  • Crushed garlic clove.
  • Two tbsps of lemon juice.
  • One tablespoon of honey.
  • 1/2 tbsp of cayenne pepper.
How to cure a cold by using garlic?
  1. Combine garlic cloves paste, lemon juice, honey, cayenne pepper in specified amounts. Consume this mixture daily until the symptoms of cold and cough disappear.
  2. Alternatively, boil one cup of water by including 4 to 5 garlic cloves. Add honey for taste. Now drink this solution for 3 or 4 times in a day.
  3. If you don’t like garlic to eat, add garlic oil to the foods and drinks.

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Is Chicken Soup good for a cold?

When it comes to best foods for a cold, chicken soup stands first. Why is chicken soup good when you have a cold? The antioxidant properties of this soup boost the immune system and help to ease the symptoms of a cough and cold. Chicken soup is packed with all the required nutrients and minerals help to regain the lost strength due to cold and cough.

Also, the chicken soup contains cysteines which help to thin mucus and increase its flow. Therefore, the time of viruses that remain around the nose lining will be reduced and hence helps in relieving congestion. This chicken broth keeps you hydrated and soothes your cold sore throat by reducing irritation, coughing, and pain. To stay healthy, prepare chicken soup by mixing organic vegetable at home itself rather than buying from outside. Look at the below procedure to know the preparation of chicken soup to cure frequent occurrence of cold and cough.

home remedies for cold and cough for 1 year baby
Chicken soup with noodles for clearing mucus in adults

Ingredients required:

  • Chopped skinless chicken: 10 pieces.
  • Homemade chicken broth: 8 cups.
  • Garlic cloves: 3.
  • Chopped Carrots: 2
  • Onions: half cup.
  • Egg noodles: 8 ounces or Brown rice: 1 cup.
  • Fresh parsley: 1/2 cup.
  • Dried thyme: 2 tbsp.
How to prepare chicken soup recipe for treating the common cold?
  1. First take a pan, cook chicken along with garlic in 1 tbsp of olive oil.
  2. Add salt and pepper to it for taste.
  3. After cooking, add broth to it.
  4. Reduce the heat and cover the pan with a plate.
  5. Heat on this low flame for 20 minutes.
  6. Now, take the chicken to another dish.
  7. Remove the bones and cut the remaining chicken into smaller pieces.
  8. Add ghee, onions, celery, carrots, thyme to the chicken and cook again until it becomes soft.
  9. Stir either in rice or noodles and heat.
  10. Finally, garnish with parsley, and you can have it.
  11. Drinking this soup regularly can get rid of a head cold fast.

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Does Basil leaf help for cold treatment?

Among the Indian Home Remedies for a common cold in children, basil leaves are the one. It not only treats cold but also the symptoms of fever, cough, flu. Due to climatic changes, kids are more prone to cold and fever frequently. Hence, consuming few basil leaves can cure a cold and cough fastly.

The healing properties of basil leaves mobilize the mucus and help to stop a stuffy nose. Also, basil leaves prevent other respiratory problems like bronchitis and asthma. The basil leaves juice helps to bring down the high temperature in the toddlers. Even many of the cold medicines & cough syrups in the drug store contain basil as a major ingredient. How long does it take to get over a cold with basil leaves juice? You will obtain the difference in cold and cough by drinking basil leaves juice for one day only. Therefore, basil leaves are the one in fast natural cold home remedies.

How to prepare basil leaves juice for getting rid of a cold?
  1. Take some basil leaves and wash them thoroughly.
  2. Now, add these leaves to 2 cups of water.
  3. Boil this water until the water becomes half of the original amount.
  4. Now drink this juice for several times a day.
  5. Since, children can’t consume this juice directly, add a little amount of honey for taste.
  6. For cough relief, include cloves to the basil leaves water while heating.
  7. And, for a sore throat that caused due to a cough, gargle basil leaves extract mixing with salt.

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Saline Spray or Salt Water for Treating Common Cold

The cheap and fast one in cold and cough home remedies is saline spray. If you didn’t have saline spray, use salt water for cold prevention. Both saline spray and salt water can break up the nose congestion and speed up the cold treatment process. The saline solution flushes out the excess fluid from the inflamed tissues and reduces cold and cough fastly. How to stop a cold fast? The symptoms associated with cold are a sore throat, respiratory congestion, itchiness.

Gargling with salt water can help to relieve all these symptoms quickly. Some researchers found that salt water loosens the thick mucus and removes allergens, fungi, and bacteria from throat which cause cold. Also, they prove that gargling salt water for 3 times a day in the cold and flu season can avoid cold and cough completely. Hence, salt water is one among cold and cough home remedies.

Ingredients required:

  • Salt – 3 tbsps.
  • Baking Soda – 1 tbsp.
  • Lukewarm water – 8 ounces.
How to prepare homemade nasal spray for stopping a cold?
  1. Mix specified quantities of salt and baking soda.
  2. Place this mixture in the sealed vessel.
  3. Take 1 tbsp of this concoction and add to 8 ounces of distilled or lukewarm water.
  4. Now, place this solution in a neti pot.
  5. Lean the head and pour saline water into the nose with this neti pot.
  6. While pouring hold one nostril with your finger and repeat the same for another nostril.
  7. Use either distilled or boiled or sterile water for preparing the solution. Else, you will get infections.
  8. Also, clean the neti pot thoroughly.
  9. Use this cold home remedy daily until you get relief from cold symptoms.

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Lemon, Honey, and Cinnamon – A best cold medicine for stuffy nose

Lemon, honey and cinnamon mixture is an excellent home remedy for a running cold nose. This mixture has been used from ancient times to treat a cold permanently. But most of us thought that lemon would increase the cold duration, but it’s not true. Due to the high amount of vitamin C in lemon, it is good for boosting the immune system to fight infections and bacteria.

Cold and cough home remedies for adults and babies
Lemon, honey, and cinnamon to treat a cold quickly

When coming to honey, it has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antiviral properties which help to cure a cold fast. Besides, the soothing properties of honey can reduce the itchiness of a sore throat that caused due to a cough. Along with honey, cinnamon also contains anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Hence, all these three ingredients combination is one of the home remedies for colds. Moreover, this mixture is the best answer to how to get over a cold in one day.

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Ingredients required:

  • Lemon.
  • 2 tbsp of honey.
  • 1/2 cup of lukewarm water.
  • Pinch of cinnamon powder.
How to stop a cold fast with lemon, honey, and cinnamon?
  1. Squeeze the juice from half a lemon.
  2. Pour the warm water into this lemon extract.
  3. Add cinnamon and honey.
  4. Stir the solution very well.
  5. Intake this homemade cold medicine daily until a cough and cold symptoms gone away.

All these are the easy and quickest cold and cough home remedies. Since the ingredients used in these head cold remedies are available at home, you have no need to spend dollars on buying them. Moreover, these natural remedies work better than cold medicines. Hence, try them once and spot the difference in your cold symptoms when using store medicines and these cold and cough home remedies.


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