Home Beauty Tips The Best Home Pedicure Kit for Pretty Attractive Feet

The Best Home Pedicure Kit for Pretty Attractive Feet

The Best Home Pedicure Kit for Pretty Attractive Feet

Beauty! Beauty! What a beautiful women! People praise, looking at the charming and chubby faces of women. But some people look the beauty of your feet. So, it’s time for females to keep their feet beautiful. Hello, gentlemen! Do not neglect; beauty is for both men and women. Maintaining your feet is very simple with the best pedicure products. Follow the home pedicure simple steps and walk as if you are kissing the Earth with your lovely feet.

Simple Home Pedicure Procedures

Before acquiring the knowledge of regular care for feet with the pedicure at home, do you know what is pedicure? And why should you do the pedicure for feet?. To know the answer, just scroll down.

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What is pedicure?

What is pedicure?
What is pedicure?

The word pedicure came from the Latin words pedis and cura which mean ” of the foot,” and “care” respectively. A pedicure is a cosmetic treatment for feet. The procedures of pedicure may be for the medical, therapeutic purposes to prevent any diseases for nails and feet. The pedicure for feet is applicable not only to women but everyone. Essential steps of the pedicure are exfoliation, moisturization and massaging.

Why should I go for foot pedicure?

You will know the need of having pretty pedicured feet from the benefits it gives you. The list of advantages of the home pedicure is below.

Prevents infections

Cleaning of nails stops them from growing inside and prevents the growth of the disease. As you remove dirt from the edges of nails, you can be free from bad foot odors, and diseases.

Regulates the blood flow

In the spa pedicure, you will experience an incredible massage. This will improve the blood circulation and distributes the heat overall your body. It also helps in relieving the tension in your calves and feet.

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A perfect exfoliation

The first step in a good pedicure is the exfoliation. It removes the dead cells on the skin and prevents the cause of bunions. As you remove the dead skin, you provide a root for a new cell growth that will make your feet smoother.

Moisturizes your feet

Benefits of pedicure

When you follow a perfect pedicure procedure, you get the perfect moisture to your feet. Maintaining a good level of moisture in your foot skin keeps you safe from cracks. The cracks may trouble you with pain and bleeding too. You can use the pedicure foot cream or any regular moisturizers for wetting your feet.

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You can use the pedicure foot cream or any regular moisturizers for wetting your feet. So, get the pedicure materials list and have the best pedicure at home.

How to do Pedicure at Home?

As already said, the basic principles of a professional pedicure are exfoliation, moisturizing and massaging. Each step takes a duration of at least 10 to 15 minutes and different procedures. According to the foot pedicure products available, the process changes.  So, have a look at the specific procedures of the home pedicure.

The First Phase

The first step in the pedicure steps is removing the dead skin cells or exfoliating. For the purpose of removing the dead cells, you need to do the following procedure in the pedicure tub.

  • Clean off your feet from any old nail paint or dust with water.
  • Fill the pedicure basin with warm water and add the fresh juice of the lemon. Also, add a spoon of salt to it.
  • Place your feet in the basin for at least 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Scrub the skin of your foot with a clean brush or a pumice stone.
  • Gently rub the sides and heels with the scrubber.
  • Take out the feet and wipe your feet.

Home Pedicure

After soaking the feet, you need to work on your nails as they will be soft to cut quickly. Cut the toenails with a nail cutter. Remove the dirt in the corners. Now, apply the cuticle cream at the base of nails and massage it gently. If you have no skin cream, use olive oil. Remove the cuticles with a cuticle remover. You can skip the skin removing if you are a beginner.

Before getting down to the next phase, we will discuss the first step natural materials for pedicure at home. You can use,

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Sugar and baby oil scrub

Instead of the warm water with lemon for exfoliating, you can use the simple exfoliating scrub with sugar.

  • Add one spoon of sugar and one spoon of baby oil.
  • Apply the mixture on your feet and gently scrub it to remove the dead cells.
  • Wash it off and pat them dry.

Yogurt and pineapple

The pedicure foot scrub with pineapple ensures you with clean feet free from the dead cells and the dust. Here is the process of the preparation of pineapple scrub.

  • Blend the pineapple in a food processor to tiny pieces.
  • Add a spoon of yogurt and half a cup fo sugar.
  • Mix the pineapple crush with the sugar and yogurt.
  • Scrub your feet with the preparation and wash it off.

The Second Phase

The next step of the foot pedicure at home is moisturizing and massaging. In this stage, you will need a good moisturizer.

Moisturizing helps your feet to get soften. It also improves the blood circulation and nourishes the skin, and leg muscles. You will also be free from the cracks, and dryness in the feet. Take some quantity of the moisturizing lotion or cream and apply it on the feet. Massage gently with your fingers for at least 5 minutes.

Home Pedicure
Moisturizing the feet

The process of moisturizing is fine. But what are the best pedicure products for moisturizing? See the below list of natural moisturizers for feet.

  • Coconut oil.
  • Olive oil.
  • Milk.
  • Honey.
  • Cucumber, etc.

The Third Phase (Optional)

After all the above processes of the home pedicure simple steps, the third stage is the interesting part and an optional one. You can skip this and enjoy your soft and elegant feet. But what is the exciting part of this stage? It is painting your toenails !!

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  • Clean the nails if any excess oils are present.
  • If you want your nails to look very simple, just apply the nail color and leave it.
  • Or if your want to paint any color then start with a base coating.
  • Apply a base coat first and let it dry.
  • Then make the coat of your favorite nail paint.
  • After the first layer dries up, apply another coat of the paint to make it look brighter.
  • Remove the strains of the polish with the nail paint remover.

Home pedicure

That’s it !! Your feet are ready to wear the lovely stylish footwear. Whatever type of footwear you use, your feet looks amazing.

Rules of Foot Pedicure

There are some important warnings that you should not do in the foot care pedicure at home. They are:

  • Remember to change the nail paint for every week. Do not leave it on for more than two weeks. Because leaving the nail polish for an extended period may cause discoloration of your nails.
  • Use the base coat always when you use a dark color nail paint.
  • Keep your foot pedicure tools clean.
  • Do not use blades for removing the dead skin.
  • If you have any nail infections, do not cover them up with the artificial nails.
  • Do not forcefully pull the excess cuticles. If you are a new person for the pedicure, try to take help of someone who has a good experience.

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Till now. We have seen the home pedicure for the foot. But many people prefer the salon pedicures as they are trained in doing the perfect pedicure. Let us see the salon pedicures and different types of pedicures.

Types of Pedicures

  • Classic or Regular pedicure.
  • Spa Pedicure.
  • French pedicure.
  • Athletic pedicure.
  • Chocolate pedicure.
  • Fish Pedicure.
  • Stone Pedicure.
  • Gel Pedicure.
  • Margarita Pedicure.
  • Wine pedicure.
  • Shangai pedicure.
  • Ice cream pedicure.

Classic Pedicure

The classic pedicure for feet is a standard treatment. It includes a warm water soak and foot scrubbing with a pumice stone or foot file, shaping the nails, and massaging. This pedicure is for the people who look for regular and straightforward foot care. You can perform this classic pedicure at your home too as it is a standard and very simple process of foot care.

Chocolate Pedicure

Chocolate pedicure

The sweet and delicious chocolate has a lot of health benefits. It naturally moisturizes and acts as a powerful antioxidant. You will enjoy the world of chocolate because everything is chocolate in this pedicure. The chocolate foot soak, chocolate foot mask, chocolate moisturizing lotion.

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Spa Pedicure

The spa pedicure is an advancement of the classic pedicure. This involves the aromatherapy oils to the footbath and paraffin wax dips. This type of foot pedicure gives you the maximum relaxation and pampering.

French Pedicure

The French pedicure is also a classic pedicure where an extra feature of painting the nails. They make a coat of white nail paint on the tip of the toenails and sheer nude or pink color on the base of the nail.

Athletic pedicure

The classic pedicure with the cooling aromatics that help to relieve the muscles is the athletic pedicure. The aromatics include the peppermint, eucalyptus, and cucumber. The salons offer massage with the athletic pedicures. The pedicure of this type is a perfect treatment for athletes both men and women.

Fish pedicure

Salon Pedicure
Fish Pedicure

The fish pedicure is the trending foot pedicure as it is a painless and enjoyable treatment for feet. The standard pedicure differs from the fish pedicure, in the process of removing the dirt and dead cells. In this type, the salons use a particular type of small carp fishes called Garra Rufa fish for removing dead cells. These fishes eat away the dead skin and dirt.

Margarita Pedicure

You may know the margarita cocktail. But do you know about the margarita pedicure? This is the pedicure where you will have a complete lemon treatment. A lime footbath, a salt scrub, a lime massage oil, and a moisturizer with lemon.

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The salon pedicures may be costly, but they provide you immense pleasure and some fun too. The trend of pedicuring is growing day by day as the awareness of health is lifting up.

Salon and the Home Pedicure

The salon pedicures are useful in maintaining your foot health. But the home pedicure also gives the best results with the natural pedicure kit. Follow the above processes for protecting your feet from infections and dryness. But if there is any irritation when you use some of the natural pedicure products, stop using them the next time.

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Relax, Rejuvenate, Breathe, Refresh. Enjoy, Nourish, Renew with the home pedicure tips. Be free from the infections and skin disorders. May your Beautiful Feet take you where your Heart wants to go..


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