According to the Association of Diabetes, 25.8 million people are suffering from the Diabetes. A best Diabetic Diet plan is the one who guides you about the quantity of food you take and the foods that you must have. A good and healthy meal should be included in your diet. A healthy meal plan will help you to maintains your Blood pressure, blood glucose level, cholesterol index & also keeps your weight constant. People with diabetes should take extra care about their food along with insulin or oral medication. Consulting your doctor or dietitian will help you to prepare your diet plan which will suit you. This article gives you the best and simple ways to control your Diabetes. By including this healthy food to your diet can lower the risk of diabetes complications and let you lead a peaceful life.

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Best Diabetic Diet Plan – Food for Diabetes

What is a Healthy Diet? A Healthy diet is nothing but the diet which has right portions of all the nutrients. A Diabetic Diet plan should include foods that are rich in nutrients, low fat, adequate in calories and low sugar foods. So choose the foods that are rich in minerals, vitamins, and fiber.  One should include exercise, proper diet, good sleep and less stress to lead a healthy life. All these factors play a significant role in controlling the diabetes. People with diabetes will face fluctuating blood sugar levels due to the improper insulin secretion or its functioning. This diabetes is classified as Type 1 or Type 2. In Type 1 diabetes, the patient’s body fails to produce insulin, and in Type 2 the patient’s body is unable to use the insulin adequately.

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So in this article, we suggest you the diet tips to overcome diabetes. Here is the Diabetic Diet that helps you to govern the diabetes. Those foods are healthy home foods, natural, and proven too to prevent blood sugar level.

Top 10 Healthy Foods for Diabetes

Here we have listed the Best Diabetic Diet which can maintain your blood glucose levels at normal. There are many ways to control Diabetes. For superior results, daily you should follow this diet chart. Hence, try to follow this special diet at least 5 days a week. So check out the Top 10  Diabetic Diet for the diabetic person.

  • Non-Fat Dairy Products
  • Whole Grains
  • Oatmeal
  • Barley
  • Beans
  • Fish
  • Lean Meat
  • Dates
  • Vegetables
  • Fruits

1. Non-Fat Dairy Products

Whether we have diabetes or not, but we need some dairy products like milk, curd, yogurt, and cheese every day. All these products contain vitamins, proteins and rich in calcium which helps you to keep your teeth and bones strong. Some dairy products contain high fat & saturated fat. Adults and children can consume too much of fat that raises your cholesterol level. But diabetes people should switch to low-fat milk like semi-skimmed milk to control the sugar level.

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  • Low-fat dairy product consumption leads to decrease the risk of Type 2 diabetics.
  • A high-fat dairy product is either not associated with the risk of developing Type 2 diabetics.
  • Low fermented dairy products like cheese and yogurt reduce the risk of type 1 diabetics.

2. Whole Grains

Whole grains are rich in fiber. Look for whole grain bread, cereals, crackers and tortillas will have whole wheat flour, grain cornmeal, oats on the ingredient list. Here are the delicious ways to add the whole grains to your diet. Intake of whole grains tends to stay your blood glucose constant. This is one of the best foods that include in your Diabetic Diet.

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  • Start your day with the half-cup of rich fiber bran cereal exceed with banana slices or berries.
  • Choose to eat whole wheat pasta over white. Serve this with your favorite veggies for more fiber.
  • Do a sandwich on whole grain bread.
  • Try the recipes that use of whole grains, such as barley or bulgur.
  • Intake of brown rice or wild rice instead of white rice keeps your sugar level constant. You can sprinkle with lemon juice or fresh herbs to add flavor.

3. Oatmeal

Ever you wonder why oatmeal is so good for health? It is boosted with soluble fiber when it is mixed with water, to form a paste. Just as it sticks to your bowl, it acts as a gummy barrier linking the digestive enzymes & the starch molecules in your stomach. So it takes a long time to convert the carbs you have eaten into blood sugar. If you don’t like oatmeal in the morning, then buy oat flour & use it as a thickener for harvest stews, casseroles, & soups. Or you can add ground oatmeal to muffin, pancake, or waffle batters.

4. Barley

Instead of using white rice it is better to choose this grain, which lowers the risk of Blood Sugar Level and steadier for hours. Barley has a property that soluble fiber & other compounds in barley slow down the absorption of carbohydrate and digestion. You can also add barley in your soups and serve it as a side dish.

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5. Beans

Beans are the combination of lean protein, soluble fiber and quality carbohydrates that helps in stabilize your blood sugar level. These are also inexpensive, virtually fat-free and versatile. The soluble fiber in all type of beans put a lid on the blood glucose level. You can add beans along with meat in many dishes. Always rinse and soak beans in a vessel for 10 – 15 min. To save time for cooking and invest it in a pressure cooker. This is the best food to include in your Diabetics Diet.

6. Fish

Eating Fish at least once in a week reduces the risk of heart disease. Fishes have a huge of Omega-3 fatty acids that decrease the inflammation in the body, a major contributor to coronary diseases as well as diabetes. It also helps in preventing cholesterol boosts in arteries and protects against abnormal heart rhythms. It is one of the Best foods that should include in your Diabetic Diet. So, Eat a fish twice in a week to reduce chronic skin inflammations and keeps your blood glucose level constant.

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7. Lean Meat

Even if you have diabetes and making some dietary changes, but it is not necessary to give up all your favorite foods. The best option is you need to make good choices. If you eat meat, then you may know how to select quality red meat. Cutting back on red meat & processed meats is good to health. Even if you don’t have lean diabetes meat is a heart-healthy strategy for your diet. On the other hand, the Diabetic Diet should include healthy protein, & the right lean red meat can fit the bill, but within limits.

8. Dates

The digestive function becomes normal if you eat a lot of fiber foods. 8 grams of fiber is present in 100 grams of Dates. Researchers found that soluble fiber is present in Dates naming as ‘Beta-D-glucan.’ This soluble fiber reduces the absorption of cholesterol by the body cells. Finally, it is concluded that the blood sugar level decreases if a person with diabetes intake Dates within a prescribed limit.

9. Vegetables

High fiber veggies like peas, beans, broccoli, and spinach or green leafy vegetables must include in Diabetic Diet. Also, pulses with sprouts and husk are a healthy opt & should be part of your diet. If you are suffering from 2 diabetes, then intake of low-carb veggies is a smart way to impale your blood sugar levels. Choosing Non-starchy or low-carbohydrate vegetables are the good choices to beat blood sugar level. Also, it is loaded with vitamins, minerals, & fiber while still being low in calories.

10. Fruits

Fruits are sweet in nature, Most of the people often think that a diabetes person should avoid intake of fruits. But many fruits are especially efficient at managing blood sugar. And those fruits are loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. Fruits are the healthy addition to any diet. Some fruits like Apples, Cherries, Black Plums, Guava, Grapefruit, and Avocado better than others for people with diabetes.



So, these are the best foods to control your Blood Glucose Level. Keep it in mind that people with diabetes can eat the same foods the family enjoys. Everyone look at a healthy diet so the whole family can take part in healthy eating. It needs some planning, but you can fit your favorite foods into your meal plan & still manage your blood glucose, blood pressure, & cholesterol.


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